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MMOG E3 Coverage

baphametbaphamet omaha, NEPosts: 3,199Member Uncommon

Am i missing something here? is it me or is there like no MMOG coverage at this years E3? if i am wrong and there is a link someone can give me to some MMOG E3 2007 info, i would appreciate it. 


  • Keebs1984Keebs1984 Fullerton, CAPosts: 1,356Member

    There is some coverage just not very much. You see, this year's E3 has been dramatically shrunk down so that only MAJOR game companies can attend.  (sad, I know) Because most MMORPGs are not huge companies they simply were not invited this time around. Games like EVE, Granada Espada, hell I don't even think WAR is there.

    Its just the nature of the industry. Although thats not to say there is no coverage at all, its just not as much as it usually is at E3.

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  • baphametbaphamet omaha, NEPosts: 3,199Member Uncommon

    that's a bummer, thanks though

  • AdythielAdythiel Kent, WAPosts: 726Member

    Actually WAR is there. Gamespy has a preview of one of their people playing through the Goblin starting area and saying how much he enjoys the Dwarfs in a Barrel quest.

    Overall, I'm quite disappointed with E3. It's all focused pretty much entirely on the console wars. All I've seen in coverage is the MS, Nintendo and Sony press conferences, footage and discussions about the console games and pretty much nil on anything even remotely PC Gaming related. Oh, Gears of War is coming to the PC. That's about the extent of G4's coverage of PC gaming. Yeah, I know G4 is pretty much blah in terms of gaming news but they are the only way I can see live footage from the floor of E3. Game Trailers is hosting a bunch of the trailers from E3, last night when they had updated it was all about console game trailers.

    I'm sorry but console gaming isn't at the same level PC gaming is. The core hardware is better yes, but that's only a portion of what's needed. An 80GB hard drive on a PS3 is tiny when you consider they will be offering games for download through the Playstation Network. Games that are also available on Blu-ray. So what happens when I have 4 games that take up 70GB of storage space and I want a new one? I have to delete one of my  old games to make room. Can I get the game I deleted back if I want to play it again? What kind of wait time do I have when I download one of these games from the PSN? 12 hours? 24 hours?

    I can't play Supreme Commander on a console. I can't play Dawn of War: Dark Crusade on a console. I tried Starcraft on the N64, it was a shell of what the game was on the PC. It's just frustrating to see more of the industry going rushing into the console market and dropping more and more of the PC gaming market. Gamestop and EB Games have made this painfully clear. When I have to walk into a store and ask where the PC games are at then get pointed at a small white wire shelf, it's painful. Eventually consoles may catch up and surpass PCs for gaming. I just don't see it happening for quite a few years.


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