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Sony buy this...not another WoW clone.

shane910shane910 in, NCPosts: 359Member

  Someone needs to breath new life into this, this could be sony's big hardcore title that they are looking for since VG is getting the dumbdown.

  The ideas here are friggin awsome and the industry badly needs some new blood in it.

  The economy for this game alone would do wonders for MMO's... not to mention the rest of it is amazing.


 Good luck devs.





  • DeaconXDeaconX Posts: 3,056Member Uncommon

    I'm a little ticked, but I guess I shouldn't be.  Many of the planned features I've had in my notes for what MMO's should be like for YEARS... unfortunately I do not nearly have the knowledge, influence or money to make my mmo dreams happen.  The ARTIFACTS after deat [or RETIREMENT OF CHARACTER as I had it written since in my idea, a player would play a character from age 14 or so until about 60 and retire their adventurer] was what struck me right away as 'no way that's my idea who's spyin on me'.

    Good stuff I hope... the game is obviously VERY far from complete and at this stage could be vaporware... Good luck to TOA. 


    Why do I write, create, fantasize, dream and daydream about other worlds? Because I hate what humanity does with this one.

    BOYCOTTING EA / ORIGIN going forward.

  • deucalliondeucallion medford, ORPosts: 183Member

    Man, finally a MMO that is all i dreamed an MMO could be, and they run outta money for development.  This is a kick in the nuts i'll be recovering from for a long time


  • thepatriotthepatriot Omaha, NEPosts: 290Member Uncommon

    The game has been in development for years with not even an alpha in sight.  The ideas were grand and likely too grand for success.  They were the little engine that couldn't.

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