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The Nosferatu Underworld is Recruiting!

TNULeaderTNULeader Halifax, NSPosts: 71Member

Hey mmorpger's The Nosferatu Underworld is a established VG on the freedom server that started on Jan 31st/07 we have a solid group great coalitions  most of all are in the top 100 as are we. We a currently recruiting for our sister VG TNU Robotix which is a division of Nosferatu. All the teleporters are up TNU has a great base also multiple crafting tables and we are getting ready for our4th plot upgrade. We have ventrilo, great players always teaming, strike forces power leveling and such. We also have started our pvp vg as well but its still not off the ground. We pride our selves on helping others improve the gaming experience.

If interested email with a brief history or a xfire profile link. Or you can also email @tnuleader or @tapeo ingame to apply.


FYI .We have a guildportalsite but we just purchased a domain and are currently looking for a web designer to help us out.


Thanks much

Shed Blood on the innocent people of the Rogue Isle!



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