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Neocron 2: Character Transfers Discontinued

SzarkSzark News ManagerAnna Regina, NSPosts: 4,420Member

Reakktor Media has announced that they will be discontinuing character transfers between Necron 1 and Necron 2.

"Reakktor Media, developer of the Cyberpunk Sci-Fi MMORPG "Neocron 2" announces the discontinuation of the service to transfer old Neocron 1 characters to Neocron 2 game accounts within the next weeks. It will then no longer be possible to connect Neocron 1 with Neocron 2 accounts in order to transfer characters. Players, who would like to have their characters transferred by then, can request a linkage by sending an e-mail including the full name, address and Neocron 1 and Neocron 2 account names to"

Read about service changes here.


  • cerebrixcerebrix Orange, CAPosts: 566Member
    people still play this?

    Games i'm playing right now...

    "In short, I thought NGE was a very bad idea" - Raph Koster talking about NGE on his blog at

  • KaneKane Seattle, WAPosts: 780Member

    I honestly thought they were the same game and they had just changed the name after a big patch or something. Huh.

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