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Absolute Zero (Super Group) LFM @ Defiant (european server)

LainLain LisboaPosts: 52Member

Hi, we're a new Super Group recently formed and we are looking for members of any class and any level. We want to create a fair and enjoyable gaming environment where any member will have the chance to contribute and make important decisions for the Super Group's welfare!

Basically this is what we want to offer YOU:

- All base upgrades will be done with a weekly poll in our forum, YOU can vote in what you think we should get  for the base.

- Help in any doubt you might have about the game (badges, macros, best leveling places, infamy).

- Enjoyable gaming time playing missions.

- Super Group adaptation for the player's needs, you need something? We'll hear it, discuss it and go on with!

and above all...


I've been in and heard about many Super Groups and most of them just want you to farm them Prestige.. now, they don't even know or care to explain what you lose or gain when you enter SG Mode and farm Prestige.. not us.. WE CARE!

We believe that, to be a good Super Group, we can't just grab all the Prestige that our members gained for the Super Group and spend it however we want.. If all contributed, all should be given the chance to give their opinion, to say what they would or would not like to see in the base.


This is the Absolute Zero's proposal. Hope we can count with your company and help!

And remember.. WE WANT YOU!

Register and make your apply at our forum. You can also send a ingame message to Fren'ly or Nelchael.

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