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not sure

EliteFrostyEliteFrosty MelbournPosts: 1Member

hey  i'm thinking of downloading this game, and by reading the topics i can already see that its not half bad, i'm just wondering if you could be a different race (eg. trolls elfs etc.) yeh and i hear that the combat system is odd... if so it would be much a apprecated if someone helped me when i start.



i can't wait to give it a shot.


  • Ebol-aEbol-a Hamilton, ONPosts: 18Member

    Hard to learn... Yer gonna need someone beside ya for about 2 days

    But there alot of stuff that dont do nuthin so that helps

  • ladybug420ladybug420 athens, ALPosts: 17Member

    Ebo apparently needs someone beside him. I found it easy to learn by myself, actually.

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