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Summary of what Tibia is

SnoogemsSnoogems Fort Carson, COPosts: 99Member Uncommon
Me: This looks cool, this will be fun, I get to level up and pvp some people!

*starts to walk*

Me: wtf.... it so slow and you walk slower if you walk diagonally...

*starts to level*

Me: finally after 4 hours im finally level 8 and get to go to main.

*gets plopped in the middle of nowhere*

Me: hmm i guess ill go to the wilderness and fight some monster and get some levels

*20 minutes later*

Me: where the hell are the monsters... oh hi can you help me find some monsters?

*you died and lose 1 level*

me: omg

*goes to help channel*

me: will anyone help me level i keep getting pked

people in game chat: noob lolz get premmy and go to the special area.

me: -.-


  • ShoysonyShoysony PerthPosts: 8Member
    Dude, for starters. The higher level you are the faster you go, or if you've got a timering or Boots of haste, they also affect your speed. Cause if you ask me its kinda stupid if a level one can walk as fast as a level 200.

    Secondly, took you 4 hours to get to main? God, my first time I ever played only took me 2. (I was a free account)

    You don't get plopped in the middle of nowhere, you go to the temple of the starting city you choose.

    It doesn't take 20 minutes to find monsters for a normal person.

    And people aren't always like that in help channel, I agree theres the bad bean every now and then. But mostly people spend time to help you through your problems. I've spent an hour with a guy once!

    This is not a good summary of Tibia, well, its the summary of a guy who doesn't know how to play tibia obviously.
  • cdeepalcdeepal Marlborough, MAPosts: 148Member

    100,000s of people tend to disagree with your summary. 

    The only advice I can give you is this. Tibia is different. It is different than any other MMORPG you have played before. If you don't like change, then Tibia might not be the game for you.

  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon

      (tibia is a special game but it is very nice)

  • WilsonassWilsonass VilniusPosts: 6Member

    I just love Tibia!

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