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WYD Global (SD international version) now open for access!

traquenatraquena ManilaPosts: 298Member


i copied this on their notice section posted 10am (GMT+8)... experience a lot of difference with Supreme Destiny..

Great news to all! WYD Global server are now open!

All changes and updates have been made to ensure your enjoyment and satisfaction. We humbly apologize for the delay in opening the servers but we wanted to fix all issues first to make sure that your game play will never be interrupted again. Thank you for bearing with us.

Please take notice of the following reminders:

1. Make sure to read or review the WYD terms of use (User Agreement). We shall implement necessary sanctions for unauthorized use or conduct inside the game.

2. The Forum sections is the main area of player interaction, we encourage all to use this section reasonably and responsibly, junk posts will be deleted immediately. Posts that are not in English will also be deleted - we encourage all to use English in the official site so that we have a standard language that all can use to interact.

3. For all Game related questions or concerns - problems or comments and suggestions - please post these on the Q&A section - under FAQ/Support. All questions and concerns will be answered within 24 hours of posting.

4. Please join the Brotherhood: Blood of a true WYDIAN event/promo to earn great prizes!

We hope that you will all have fun playing as much as we've had so much fun in preparing the game for you! See you all in the game!

WYD Global Admin



  • XicusXicus AylesburyPosts: 55Member

    What is the point?


    To games that are exactly the same use 1 not 2.

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