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General: Omni Interactive Audio Interview

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common's Keith "Mayson" Sarasin had the chance to ask ten questions of Alistair Hirst, Co-Founder of Omni Interactive Audio, the company that (among other things) has provided sound for the Guild Wars franchise.

Thank you for doing this interview for us! Could you please tell us a little bit about Omni, and what you do at the company?
Alistair Hirst:
Omni Interactive Audio was founded five years ago by myself and Robert Ridihalgh, after we left EA. We had both been been at EA for a long time (10 years for me), where we worked mostly on the Need for Speed franchise. We were getting pretty burned out on racing games, and liked the idea of setting out with our own company where we could work on a wider variety of games, and with a broader group of developers.

In terms of our business roles, I'm the head of the company, and do the sales and marketing type stuff, while Robert is more involved in finance and operations. Creatively, I act as Audio Director for the company, making sure that we keep our quality high, and building a strong team, and Robert and I overlap in some of these areas. I also compose on the projects where we are responsible for the music, along with Matt Ragan.

Read the whole interview here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • heimdallrheimdallr KatowicePosts: 61Member
    Very interesting read! Thanks for that Mayson and Omni.

    imageMMOs played-> UO: AoS, L2, GW, GW: F, HO, SoF, ToP

  • MaysonMayson Staff Writer nashua, NHPosts: 59Member
    Originally posted by heimdallr

    Very interesting read! Thanks for that Mayson and Omni.

    Alistair is a very talented guy! They have an awesome team over at Omni!

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