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EVE Online: Exclusive Screens: Week Four

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSMember Posts: 6,696 Common

The folks over at EVE Online have sent along a rather unique group of screens for us this week. Pulled from the popular MMORPG, these three shots will be featured in the upcoming expansion for the EVE Online Collectible Card Game.




Learn more about the EVE Collectibe Card Game here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • trentonxtrentonx providence, RIMember Posts: 147
    at frist I was thinking... this isn't the updated graphics. but wow, you got pictures of the upcoming cards? that's a different story :)

    I'm am very much impressed.
  • blooby140blooby140 LondonMember Posts: 2
    When they first started releasing screens i thought that there was no point. Now, i know there is no point but still, those explosions look very smexy.
  • coldfire1234coldfire1234 frackknow, WVMember Posts: 89
    i was woundering the same thing, whats the point. Geuss since EVE is close to falling off the top 5 list MMORPG is just trying to help their old freinds out lol.
  • spankybusspankybus Orlando, FLMember Posts: 1,309 Uncommon
    Does anyone know when the graphic update goes live? I'm sick of seeing al these updated pix, for months now, and no idea when we get to actually see it ourselves.

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  • FadeFade Hudson, NYMember Posts: 419
    Originally posted by spankybus

    Does anyone know when the graphic update goes live? I'm sick of seeing al these updated pix, for months now, and no idea when we get to actually see it ourselves.
    i believe it's either this summer or this fall.

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  • NaplesNaples The Dungeon, FLMember Posts: 19
    Ah come on, if that is all CCP can bring to the table than you better get your A** out of the head and move on. That kind of content is nonsense and as old as the whell.
  • afroburzingafroburzing Aurora, ONMember Posts: 71

    poster above me is a retard.

    those are not the new engine, those are just current game screens, seems kinda pointless to make a news article for them but whatever, 2/4 weeks have had exclusive shots of new gfx and they look awsome.

  • DesalusDesalus Burnsville, MNMember Posts: 848
    They seem to be showing dx 10 screenshots every other week. As many have said, it's puzzling why they are showing us screenshots of the current engine.

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  • trentonxtrentonx providence, RIMember Posts: 147
    excuse me while I vent for a moment...


    Slfu igbs

    e[fpj w]sprf[0lAS{Fi b

    ]a=]eofgoswe9fg k


    now that I ahe your attention why you try reading the f***i*g title of the news post!!



    it says these are upcoming card art for the soon to be released expansion of the CCG


    you people amaze me
  • DiiccTaterDiiccTater PerstorpMember Posts: 6

    Hehe, calm down. =)

    The new art is looking very much like the ingame screens of the DX10/engine update. the release of THAT is as always SoonTM (prolly late summer)

    I dunno anything about the cardgames tho. Can someone point me in the direction of a good review of that plz?

  • MinscMinsc Burford, ONMember Posts: 1,318 Uncommon

    The graphics engine update is not coming till december, reason being is that they decided that instead of just doing the ships they are doing the ships/stations/gates, etc. In other words, they decided that they might as well just finish it all at once.

    Oh, and it has been stated many times since the beginning of the year that the graphics update would be this coming december.

  • RazorbackRazorback OutbackMember Posts: 5,253

    Im really enjoying EVE.  I think its the only MMO capable of holding my interest for the kind of time frame UO did. The complexity is almost limitless and its always being built on.

    As for the card game... probably not my thang... but it looks fun if you like that kind of stuff...

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  • Cynic7Cynic7 Wagga WaggaMember Posts: 11 Common

    CCP would engender a better rapore with their faithful if they would give us an objective and balanced report on the T20 scandal.

    They must have noticed a fall in their player base over recent months and are trying to give their following a positive distraction.

    Come about improving game lag and disconnections.

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