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Last Chaos is an awsome game to play, do you think so too?

Shaggy67Shaggy67 Sylva, NCPosts: 76Member

Last Chaos has been really fun to play.It can be as simple a game to play or as complex as you desire. You can play both ways.If you are into power leveling you can choose to do that.If you are a crafter at heart you can choose to play that way too.If you want to solo or party with others then you you can play that way too.You can even have a pet to level up and be a mount for you.There's so many ways to play that it's hard to choose which way to go next. You can power level for a while by joining  a party or even create a party and invite others to join you.It's been really fun to play.




  • Superman0XSuperman0X San Jose, CAPosts: 1,916Member Uncommon
    I cant really tell you. Lag was so bad that the game was unplayable.
  • LesCieuxLesCieux Wilmington, NCPosts: 12Member

    I've played roughly 2 weeks so far and I'm nearing lvl 28.

    From everything I've seen, the game seems to be a good one, and it is very refreshing to see in such a short time active dev and GM moderation and involvement.  Everything is for the most part straight forward, and if anyone else wishes to join and has questions, a little time spent on the game's forum will inform you on almost anything you need to know.  Can be a bit laggy at times, sorry to hear you had soo much of it though Superman0X

  • KargorKargor MunichPosts: 4Member
    Well, for myself... my Mage is lvl 26, but it sort of died off. It is nice while it's new, but after a while...

    Granted, part of the problem is being a mage (wasting a lot of time recovering and recharging, unable to do the personal dungeon quests while they actually give decent exp and studd like that), but in general, the game doesn't really offer anything to look forward to, so I didn't even bother trying to make another class but instead moved on with my quest to find a good game. Which wasn't an enitrely "one day to the next" thing, but at some point I noticed that I was farming pet stuff all day long, killed a few monsters when I came back home, taking loooong breaks to recover since I never really felt like playing anymore

    Interesting enough, from all the people I've met, I was the one to leave last. More than once apprentice didn't even bother getting to lvl 20, my Guardian was nowhere to be found despite him being totally excited about his guild and how they are one of the largest and most active ones and that I shouldn't join another one until they had a free spot, and everyone else was visible for a while and then gone. Seems I'm not the only one thinking that the game has no long term motivation whatsoever.

    My current char information. Trickster, Scions of Fate, Last Chaos, Flyff.

  • Shaggy67Shaggy67 Sylva, NCPosts: 76Member

    Thanks for your reply Kargor,

    Sorry to hear that your guardian wasn't helping you that much. I think that some of the guardians get all excited and try to take on too many apprentices at once or don't let their apprentices know what times they are most likely to be on.We all know that they can't be on all the time for everyone. But if more of them would just give a ballpark time they are likely to be on then the apprentices would not be disappointed and feel left alone. We all know that we have to live our lives and emergencys or unforseen events come up to keep guardians from helping their apprentices.I don't think most of them realize this point. I can't post this on the home page forum.Because I can't post anything on the home page forum,I get logged out as soon as I choose a subject,but I can still look as a guest. But I'll try to post this on one of their fansite forums so that maybe some of them can realize this and start to communicate with their apprentices better.

    Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I've been playing and trying to help other players out even though I'm not able to be a guardian.You have to have a character that is level 20 or higher in order to be a guardian in case you didn't know.Hopefully they will address this problem and tell the new guardians before they let them lose in the game.They now have a wikipedia and hopefully someone will address this issue.I know I'd feel better going through the apprentice system to know what time my guardian would be on.


  • Superman0XSuperman0X San Jose, CAPosts: 1,916Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by LesCieux

    I've played roughly 2 weeks so far and I'm nearing lvl 28.
    From everything I've seen, the game seems to be a good one, and it is very refreshing to see in such a short time active dev and GM moderation and involvement.  Everything is for the most part straight forward, and if anyone else wishes to join and has questions, a little time spent on the game's forum will inform you on almost anything you need to know.  Can be a bit laggy at times, sorry to hear you had soo much of it though Superman0X
    Well, I have tried again... and it appears that they have fixed whatever the problem was. It is stil a bit laggy in the first city (with player shops) but that is not a huge issue.
  • DemonThroneDemonThrone LaCoste, TXPosts: 11Member
    Yeah, this game is pretty nice...but it does need more content, there's way too much grind.I know you can do other things but let's face it, you WILL want to level up sometime, maybe because you can get cooler looking weapons and armors...or perhaps so you can kill higher level mobs so you can sell those nice drops they give?Or maybe, just for the flashy skills...and you do need to grind to get crafting skills too, those skills cost skill points just like all the it's another grinding game with an interesting idea.A game that could be great, they just need to step it up a notch and add some more content.I'd start playing again if they did...but yes...I guess I like it.
  • LytrLytr fucking, OHPosts: 27Member

    i disagree.  this game has nothing to offer.

    it's grind 24/7. the quests aren't challenging in the least.

    i give it points for the community though. 

  • Superman0XSuperman0X San Jose, CAPosts: 1,916Member Uncommon
    They have recently added new content (1 outdoor map + 1 personal dungeon). There are new monsters, new equipment, increased levels, and many new quests. The game hasnt changed, but there is more of it....
  • AmazingAveryAmazingAvery Age of Conan Advocate Posts: 6,966Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Superman0X

    They have recently added new content (1 outdoor map + 1 personal dungeon). There are new monsters, new equipment, increased levels, and many new quests. The game hasnt changed, but there is more of it....


    I found the game world very small.

    I found the quests boring -  "go get X amount of this and return to me" = experience

    I found the lag bad - and I have a good system.

    I found the personal dungeons boring and easily completed.

    I found the community pages to be adequate

    I found the bugs / bots / cheaters in the game really annoying.

    I found the PvP system lacking in depth

    I found the class's un-balanced in PvP

    I found the lack of how to play the game - simple goals - unforgiving from the main webpage

    I found the lack of information on crafting disconcerting

    I found the crafting, slow, un imaginative, a chore (more so than other games played)

    I wasn't a fan of the grind

    I found the graphics and annimations pretty good

    I found a lack of a continous story and lore to help me into the game more.

    I hated the item shop/mall  introduction

    I still have a lvl 39 charcter on there but don't play anymore.


    Hey these are just my opinion about the game, Im not being nasty or trying too, its a shortened list in reply to the original question.

    Best thing is for anyone wondering is too try it out for themselves =)

    Oh I really hated the character customisation too, everyone looks the same.  Very limited choice.

  • DUSTWAVEDUSTWAVE Orlando, FLPosts: 23Member

    So far I have really enjoyed playing Last Chaos.  The community  seems  more mature than many of the other games I have played.

    I have yet to see the famous XxRang3rxX screaming out:  noobz, zomg!!, pwnge, L33t or the Bot train gsfhdf12, ghfsdf1 and, gfhdfs21 in the game yet. 

    Yes, this game is focused on grinding, but many monsters drop blessings that allow you to get 1.5x the amount of experience and skill points over time.  So far the economy hasn't been way over the top, but then again monsters drop decent gear and weapons at a greater ratio than other games I have played.

    Sure, the games may need to be polished up a bit, but for the most part it is a great game especially since it is free-to-play. 








    When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car.

  • pirateerpirateer Las Vegas, NVPosts: 219Member


    I found the class's un-balanced in PvP

    Right there.



    When have you ever seen a game with balanced PvP? The only one that I know of is Pirate King Online (it is the most balanced but crusaders and voyagers own everybody)

    Why complain about a game that has unbalanced PvP? Seriously most, if not all, games have one class that will own the rest. I played this game in beta but I quit after like level 30 or something because the grind was way too much. I agree the game was excellent, some lag in town, and bugs here and there. I thought the game was nice and I might start up again. Most likely I will not start again since I am already playing two MMORPG's. (Pirate King Online and GoonZu)

  • LlamsterLlamster Malibu, CAPosts: 234Member

    It has nice graphics, but the quests are extremely dull and pointless and some parts of it are very cheesy (rocks= Pet food? C'mon!). It gets really boring very quickly, too. I had some fun, but went back to Runescape.


    Have played: RuneScape, EQ2 (free trial), Last Chaos, Silk Road, Dungeon Runners.
    Currently playing: RuneScape, Dungeon Runners.

    The notion that graphics, or anything else for that matter, are anywhere near as important as gameplay/fun is so utterly ridiculous that anyone who shares such a view should be placed in an asylum.

  • McwallenMcwallen Kent, CTPosts: 70Member Uncommon

    Last Chaos Is amazing! Getting a pet dragon is awesome, and you don't  exactly see that in a lot of games at level one! Last Chaos rules!


  • sadregsadreg SIAULIAIPosts: 5Member

    yes last chaos is very good game 

  • SrbplayaSrbplaya melbournePosts: 14Member

    This game is so cool i will help you if you want my name is XtremeOwnage mostly play on Katar3 .. Pm me in game ! Im a level 43 titan Warmaster :)

  • ObstructiveObstructive Coffs HarbourPosts: 3Member
    It's a good game it just lacks alot of things. The concept and Mechanics, etc are good ....

    But there is way to much grinding and little or not enough content to do some other things.
    Point and click system also wrecks it, would be great if it was WASD.
    PvP is also messed up :(

    Other then that it is a good game and I have never experienced much lag.

    Alatheya Technical Advisor

  • Shaggy67Shaggy67 Sylva, NCPosts: 76Member

    Thanks for replying Srbplaya,

    I have been busy teaching my nephew how to play right now. He loves the merchant mode, he thinks it's totally awesome that he could open up a store and have other players buy from his store.I'm letting him play when he spends the night with me. So for right now I'm not really into leveling up my characters so that he can catch up. Thank you for your offer it is greatly appreciated.If I have any questions I may look you up if we happen to be on K-3 if that is okay with you.   

    Have you thought about being a guardian? If you like to help out people  you would probably make a good guardian. I like to help people too, but I'm not high enough in levels to be a guardian right now.So I sometimes help out new people and be an unofficial guardian.Helping them with the basics of the game. I figure that the new people will enjoy the game more if they have someone that can answer their questions as they come up with them. I try to help them enjoy the game and not feel so alone.

  • SrbplayaSrbplaya melbournePosts: 14Member

    Im a level 46 titan Warmaster my name on game is XtremeOwnage ... i am usually on k3 or k5 .. If u want me to be your guardian i would be delighted to help use out cyas in game :)

  • ZiminatorZiminator riverbank, CAPosts: 16Member

    I found last chaos a pretty decent game. but it will soon get boring because lvling starts to get old.If u get a mount it will make things a litle funner but mostly for pvp cuz u can chase down anybody without a mount and totally beat the crap out of them.I wouldn't say the game sux but it could be better i still enjoy playing it from time to time but i have seen better. 

  • tagfan36tagfan36 brighton, MIPosts: 11Member


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  • nimbrethilnimbrethil YelvertonPosts: 41Member

    Hi, i have been playing LC for 7 months now, and as with these free games lower lvl playing is fun, but once you get over lvl 25 it is a grind and the quests are poor, (take letter from one npc to another,) but the community is good, i have tried all chars and found i like the Rogue and Sorcerer the best, i have a lvl 37 Assassin and 26 Sorcerer, Healer is the best char to make friends with. I have not come across any bots, and they crack down hard on gold sellers, and ks is not liked, GM's and GS's are present most days, and they have a good forum with info/gides.

    If you can find a good established guild the higher lvl grinding is very bearable, yes lag can be a problem at times but it's never been so bad for me, i play on the C-servers C3/C4 and hope to see some of you there, IGN Wishbone, i am happy to help any new player, give it a go, and try and stick around to higher lvl over 40. After all the game is what you make it.

    Take care, see you out there sometime.

  • OzmodanOzmodan Hilliard, OHPosts: 8,156Member Rare

    Like I said before, this game is a supreme grind fest.  Level 19 character needs 600 same level mobs to get to 20.   Sorry the only people that can subject themselves to such are masichists.

    Avoid this game like the plague, useless quests, no depth, just endless grinding!

  • draguleadragulea whateverPosts: 249Member

    The graphics are quite decent.

    You can also do something besides all day long grinding.....or is it? Mining/harvesting materials is quite annoying and takes forever so for a low lvl player it's not something that attarctive to do; pet leveling is a pain - you can picture your toon riding a dragon high in the sky...but that won't happen too soon (more like never, 'cause those pets lvl very slow and they simply can't keep up the pace with you; that means you won't be able to train your pet and fight in the same time because your pet will take too much dmg from your training mobs). Quests are too say the least; I don't uderstand why they are called "quests" in the first place, they're just simple tasks - that's a proper name. And the skill tree is not very challenging either, it doesn't allow you to develop an original character.

  • LunethLuneth OsloPosts: 63Member

    A great game Although, I HATE TRAINING.

    LVL 15 isn't so big but it works, pet training is the worst thing i ever met on the game, because you need food (stones) and herbs to recover it's VP(vital power)

    I'M playing : Runescape II and Last chaos

    Don't follow my footsteps, i run into walls


  • CriozaCrioza Edmonton, ABPosts: 24Member

    This was an OK game. I havn't played in while but i rescently checked it out again, and barly anything has changed.

    The grinding is unacceptable on my part, i mean runescape has a better leveling system then this.

    The skills where nice, the animations where very well done, the wepons and equipment go as follows:

    Healer = boobies ftw

    knight = stereotype hero(looks preety sweet)

    Rouge = ninja-ish

    Mage = whores

    Titans = massive barbarians with big wepons! GOTTA LOVE EM!

    The way the skill system works is unique but requires much more effort then a casual gamer can put in,

    The guardian system only works for antisocail people that have nothing better then grind all day... For all of us with lives, its impossible.(the 20 day thing is what im talking about)

    As for gameplay, very simple and liniar, this would make a good first mmo for starter gamers, but like me, they would realise how borring this game becomes. 

    The pet system... they have the right idea, but they're going about it all wrong. it takes much to much work to get a mountable pet.

    This game is preety good for FIRST TIME MMO player, but otherwise, its lacking in alot, but its aeria games. They'll probably realise they make OK game sooner or later and put some EFFORT into the design

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