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General: MMOWTF: So You Want to be a Gold Pimp?

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

This week, a virtual prostitute inspires Dan Fortier to write about some other dubious in-game professions.

As much as I am constantly telling myself that nothing people do surprises me anymore, I am occasionally slapped in the face with a story that reawakens me to the depth of human absurdity. One such story surfaced last month about a girl (a real one apparently), who offered to have sex with anyone who would give her the five thousand gold she need to buy an Epic Flying Mount for her World of Warcraft character. I realize virtual prostitution has been going on for years, but this is just blurring the line between cyber and real life a bit too much for my taste. Even if the story isn't true it, did get me thinking about what other virtual jobs could be out there for the taking if you have enough savvy or low enough self esteem.

Gold Pimp

I'm not really much for dressing a fop and controlling women, so the idea of taking a share of some RMT without having beat up deadbeat Johns all day sounds pretty good to me. Some guy in Sims Online actually did this in reverse where people would pay to have cyber-sex with virtual hookers in his nightclub. This would work in virtually any game, although without a physical threat to keep your 'employees' in line, it would be hard to collect your share unless you have the stomach to do the jobs yourself.

Read the whole article here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • ekspertseksperts RigaPosts: 49Member

    I remember terorists in GW Factions alianse battles, they joined in party and after battle start log out. Then they jump to other server and joined another party and done same again and again. So other alianse get easy factions.

  • LrdHadesLrdHades atlanta, GAPosts: 163Member
    Was the chick a hottie? If not I bet she didn't end up with that flying mount using that sales pitch.
  • MirandelMirandel Posts: 132Member Uncommon
  • ComanComan Hattem, AKPosts: 2,152Member Uncommon

    Actualy I have done or been withness of these things actualy in one game called Face of Mankind. Well not anymore shamefully, but before retail orginised crime, spying and thinking and leading religions where on the order of the day. Although an pimp...I think there was once an escort service once though, but not really with the intetion of digital sex, but more to take someone to an party or meeting.

    although this was all roleplay and nothing to do with real life

  • IncusIncus Little Rock, ARPosts: 5Member

    That just goes to show you that the lines are more than just blurred, indeed there are no lines at all.

    As per me I am down with the Mafia idea.

  • DrowNobleDrowNoble Trenton, MIPosts: 1,296Member

    Why am I not surprised this would happen?

    I knew the absurd amount for a flying mount would prompt silly actions on the part of players but this just.... sad?  Although I can see the MMO Mafia already in place in games like Lineage II.

  • icelotusicelotus SydneyPosts: 17Member
    there is a game that supports this kind of game play...

    u can play as a pimp, or murderer, or with time a deamon

    tho the graphics aren't amazing its a pretty good game if you give it a chance... and you can role play :/

    oh note that it IS adult only for obvious reasons....

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  • heimdallrheimdallr KatowicePosts: 61Member
    This article is hilarious and sad at the same time. She really did that? I bet she wasn't even worth the effort...

    Play god in a game? Why not, others have done that outside the virtual world, so I guess that won't be a problem .

    Yeah, MMO mafia takes place in a few games, but is hardly an issue to that point.

    Can't wait till next MMOWTF anyway...

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  • defenestratedefenestrate dallas, TXPosts: 578Member
    WoW, she should of got the guy to get her a new double wide, cuz im sure the one she's living in is a dump
  • GodliestGodliest StockholmPosts: 3,486Member

    Originally posted by LrdHades
    Was the chick a hottie? If not I bet she didn't end up with that flying mount using that sales pitch.

    She was not hot! And she got her epic mount... strangely enough. I don't know whom wanted to pay 5k gold for eeeeh (can't remember the word) doing that. It's strange from the start to the end.



  • neschrianeschria Johnstown, PAPosts: 1,405Member Uncommon

    Oh, my children! How lost you are! You may redeem yourselves by forsaking your misguided ways and devoting yourself to the service of The Tabernacle of Terror! You can prove your faith in Cazic-Thule with a paltry donation of EQ1pp, EQ2pp or US$... Or else we'll have to teach you the truth of Fear the old fashioned way!

    ... Gotta polish my pitch. I'll work on that. 

    This is where I draw the line: __________________.

  • tyhawktyhawk NieuwegeinPosts: 22Member
    For the Double Agent and the MMO Mafia, just log onto EvE Online; seen both a bunch of times, one being named a corp or alliance spy (there are possibly hundreds active as we speak) and the mafia is just pirates making a deal with the locals not to blow the crap out of them in exchange for ISK.

    Virtual  Prostitution is part of Second Life I've heard, but I don't really 'play' that.
  • CharabisCharabis Pomeroy, WAPosts: 11Member
    It's DEFINITELY a part of SL.  I still remember buying my first plot of land, with no neighbors.  Within a week, I was completely surrounded by sex shops.  Go exploring sometime and you're bound to run across them in every zone, and likely the clubs and brothels as well.

    Just remember while you're travelling to watch yourself.  They also seem to have problems with stalkers  

    Get Hammered!

    My name is "Todd". Drop the "T" and it explains sooooooo much!

  • wlvnspectrewlvnspectre Prince Albert, SKPosts: 96Member
    I had to play Double Agent for my Guild when I used to play in Ashen Empires. There were a couple of lowlifes who verbally assaulted a female player in our guild who was an accomplished strictly trades person, and very friendly and sociable. They throughly harassed her and said things to her I won't be able to repeat here.

    In spite of having the chatlogs and contacting the GMs, TKO, the company that was terribly mismanaging the MMO into the ground, would take no action (probably because they didn't want to loose a couple of users when they might only loose her).

    One of these idiots went and started a guild mostly of noobs, trying to grow a new guild fast with them being the top dogs. Coincidentally I was starting a new character because of problems with my main one that I had to wait for the GMs and TKO to fix. This guy recruited me (even though I practically had the same name so freinds might recognize me, and this genius and I had fought on several occasions).

    Being a member of his guild I could see when ever his character was online, and would ask him if he wanted help or what he was doing so I could track him to an area and then contact guild members to try and warn him off harassing any of our members. I also took the opportunity to try and teach the little nooblets he had recruited a bit of MMO netiquette.

    Finally, after repeated complaints and the female member of the guild getting her local police involved (she had the chatlogs and the correspondence with TKO) they permanently banned him and his buddy and told the police their connection and registration info.

    These two delinquents lived several blocks from her... and she had seen them before.

    I am proud of the little part I played in this but still didn't feel so great about lying to all the other players in that noobie guild to do it, because there was some really good people in it and most didn't forgive me for lying to them when they were so open to me.
  • Windrider30Windrider30 lilburn, GAPosts: 41Member
    I did try to start a religion in daoc in its first chars name was RunefireTheMad went around trying to convince people i was a failed...but damn it was fun!
  • JupstoJupsto englandPosts: 2,075Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by eksperts

    I remember terorists in GW Factions alianse battles, they joined in party and after battle start log out. Then they jump to other server and joined another party and done same again and again. So other alianse get easy factions.
    Better yet ressurect your team mates alive with un-yielding aura and have controll over wether they live or not. either 1, try using them as realplayer minions with spells like death nova 2, just annoy them with it until they leave. That'll terrorise/grief them.

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