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How soon can I meet tons of people and make lots of friends?

ExavusExavus Kenai, AKPosts: 200Member
I just started playing and I'm hoping to find lots of people to quest with and level up with that sort of thing. I'm playing this and WoW but WoW is my solo game.. I've always hated it because its too solo'ish. I try to make friends in groups but the community is so bad that the 13 year olds playing don't have the attention span or are too corrupt with their slipknot to want to make friends. Not all the people there are like that.. I just want mature friends >_<.

I think the best reason to play a MMO is to play it with OTHER people. I'm a huge EQ player and I loved the grouping in that game.

So around what level will I see hordes of other players wanting to chat and are there certain areas people love to hang out at? I'm a huge RP fan but i'm very ametuer with LOTR lore... Perhaps I should read the books again? It's been over 10 years..

Current MMO: WoW/GW2


  • VeseVese JPosts: 6Member
    I have been meeting friends and fellowships as soon as the intro quest, only place where I have found the morons is the OOC chat, but that can be turned off.
  • sadnebulasadnebula atlanta, GAPosts: 263Member Uncommon

    how fast can you get in the game and say  "hi"

  • ext1ext1 south bend, INPosts: 98Member

    Yeah, grouping and running around with folks feels very much like EQ days to me in LOTRO. It's one of the main reasons I had no problem going out and buying the game and getting a lifetime sub to it. Just use your "looking for fellowship" controls, get in a group, and off you go!


  • WraithmireWraithmire San Diego, CAPosts: 328Member
    find a good kinship to join, I'm in a great one that I really like on Brandywine. I think its the reason why I love this so much, a guild/alliance/kinship whatever you wanna call it makes the game, at least for me it does. Sure I don't have any personal friends I know that play, but whatever I still meet lots of people ingame from my guild.

    I have a Youtube channel for video games!

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