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So much potential but i dont think they have the cash

rawrxbradrawrxbrad Anderson, CAPosts: 117Member Uncommon
Rubies of eventide one of the smartest combat systems Ive ever experienced, based more on tactics then hot key mashing.

They have a lot of skills but some of the crafting skills on the game are not IMPLEMENTED is this because the developers are lacking cash? I know its just beta but the games been beta for quite a while, are they going to give up on it or are they going to press on and struggle it out? Please give me any insight you have on this game well I play it and love I just wanna know how long it will last.

ps-if you play on the hally server hit me up lvl 21 gladiator ClickMe


  • TookyGTookyG Warhammer Online Correspondent Alameda, CAPosts: 1,188Member
    Beta?  As far as I know the game has been gold for a while...

    Until you cancel your subscription, you are only helping to continue the cycle of mediocrity.

  • tylerwicktylerwick gahanna, OHPosts: 446Member
    Yea, its been out for some time now.   If they wanted a crafting system they would have it by now..  IMO they are slacking.
  • rawrxbradrawrxbrad Anderson, CAPosts: 117Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by tylerwick

    Yea, its been out for some time now.   If they wanted a crafting system they would have it by now..  IMO they are slacking.
    wow are you serious I thought it was beta half the crafting system isnt out =[
  • FleeingFleeing SydneyPosts: 5Member

    All the necessary crafting skills needed to craft weapons and armors are there but anything more than that probably won't come out anytimes soon. All the devs there are volunteers and they do it purely because they love the game. There hasn't been much new stuff coming out but in the past few months they have added a few new mobs and released version .96 beta which has made the game alot more stable. 

  • preacher70preacher70 grimsbyPosts: 2Member
    This game is a great game, and it's free. If u want to get more things into the game then there is a way to donate to it, after all the people who keep this up and running are doing it off there own back (like the post above me says they love this game thats why they do it) As for the trade skills, currently not all trade skills are in the game but they are working on many things all the time and personally i would rather have stable servers at the moment.
  • ladybug420ladybug420 athens, ALPosts: 17Member

    I'm a hardcore RoE player. I play it every day. They have finally implemented Herablism. It's a step in the right direction. And the game really is a gold mine if they had the funds. I have donated lots of money to it. When you donate money you are Gentry. It's not much but it helps in rough times. LoL. The community is awesome, the only problem I have is you can run into some ""rude"" people but most of the time its just kids. There is no age limit to the game. 7 year olds I know play it. So some of the people on here claim that they dont like the game simply because they met some rude people on it didnt give it a whole complete chance. And mostly I just ignore those types. The Phoenix server is best because its for the general public. The Fire Opal server is for the hardcore role-players that prefer to stay in character when they play so the channels in that server are rather quiet, and thats a must for some. The Nemesis is strictly PvP. There's where you find the aggressive players and straight-to-the-point people. All nice, at least to me they are because pretty  much everyone has met me because I play so much. LOL. Anyways, RoE is awesome and people should definately play it.

  • Ebol-aEbol-a Hamilton, ONPosts: 18Member

    The engine is like from the 1800s...

    Nobodys gonna put money into this.

    And uhhh.... Herbalism???

    Thats like a huge advance? and it took HOW LONG???

    From what I saw, every time anew thing is added, the game gets worse. Its fallin apart.

    Cuz the coders cant fiz the basic problems. Thats what goin on I think.

    But hey... If yer goin there to join the community and talk well who cares right?


    And uhh.. the herbs dont even DO nuthin... Its goofy

  • ladybug420ladybug420 athens, ALPosts: 17Member

    Ok and you keep posting in the ROE forums for what reason?? if you hate the game so much then shut up about have posted in over 5 topics on the ROE forums...let it go alreayd...we all know you hate the game and it doesnt run good and all sucks your equipment doesn't support another game and leave this one alone

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