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Do you remember when...

BalekFeketeBalekFekete Kernersville, NCPosts: 28Member

the hero was played by Christopher Reeve and the story wasn't just another Dawson's Creek?

'same bat-time, same bat-channel' was part of your daily viewing schedule?

the only way you were a superhero was running around the house in your underoos (and they weren't bought off EBay)?

'Wonder Twin powers - activate!' brings a tear to your eye?

If so, then The Echelon ( may be for you.  We are a mature, established, multiple-MMO gaming guild which will have a chapter opening soon in Guardian.  By mature, I mean experienced not only in gaming, but in life.  Our average member is a successful professional with *gasp* a real life(tm) -- many with spouses, children, and even pets.  All in all well-rounded folk who are a pleasure to know outside the games as well as within.

With every new MMO, we see an opportunity to meet new and exceptional people to join our ranks and our community.  Ultimately, ask yourself this question:

Are you looking for your last guild to ever join?

If so, then I invite you to visit our site, read our Charter, and if it matches our look on life and gaming in general, drop us a post on our boards.  Could be the last application you ever fill out for a gaming guild.





  • BalekFeketeBalekFekete Kernersville, NCPosts: 28Member

    The Echelon has officially been formed this morning on Guardian.  I invite anyone interested in simply the best guild out there (no, I'm not biased ;) ) to visit our site, look around, and if interested post an application on our boards.

    Best of luck in Paragon City!




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