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Your FAQ about Tibia!

ShoysonyShoysony PerthPosts: 8Member
Ok, here goes my FAQ about Tibia.

Feel free to ask whats on your mind, and most likely I will get to you soon!

I put one question on this post, and the rest on the next. I put one question on the first post which is greatly needed.

How do I get up ladders?

You simply go next to it, and right click on the bottom bar across. Then click use. People try the top bar across, or the middle. But it is actually the bottom one which needs to be used. When you get more skilled you can just hold down control, and left-click on the bottom bar. But till then, do the right click, and then click use.


  • ShoysonyShoysony PerthPosts: 8Member
    Who's Cipfried?

    Cipfried is the monk in Rook. If you find yourself on low health, you can always go to him. And say 'Hi', and your wounds will be healed.

    How do I change my look?

    Right Click on yourself, click set outfit, and their is lots of choice. On tthe top left of the appearing window, it shows your current look. Under that the name of the look, and some arrow keys.  You can click these and select different types of looks. For a free account, their is the Mage outfit, the Hunter outfit, the Knight outfit and the citizen outfit. After you have found the one you want, you can click either head, primary, secondary or detail. And then choose a colour for that part of the outfit.

    (For more information about outfit addons, go to the 'What are Addons?' question.)

    What on earth is premmy/premium?

    The Premium account, (Shorter way of saying it is premmy,) is just like what you would call members, or payed user, or something like that on other games. You pay for the game when you become a premmy player, and a few bonus's include...

    New outfits, Addons for outfits, Can rent houses, make your own fighting guild, new spells, can explore more lands, and thats just to name a few!

    What are addons?

    Addons are things you can get buy doing special things. They can be things like a giant sword across your back, a nice pimp hat. Or some extra vials on your belt. They range for all the different outfits, and are extremely cool!

    To get this extra feature, a premium account is needed.

    Why would I want to play Tibia?

    Why!? Theirs too many why's! Such as the great game-play, the great community, quests, monsters, friends, wars, runes, theirs so much things unique to Tibia its overwhelming!

    Ever wanted to launch a full scaled war? Arrows flying overhead, sorcerers uttering their spells and summoning fire devils to the field the blast your opponents to smithereens. Bolts doing the final damage to finish an opponent. Druids healing at the back, making sure your army is unbeatable. Knights at the front line, protecting the rest honorably.

    Or is role-playing for you? You could become a humble fisherman, or take people on quests. Maybe hunting sheep is the answer and selling the meat. Do you collect the dead bodies of creatures just to watch them rot, or is it the life of an adventurer you choose to take?

    Their is soooo many good things about Tibia, I just cannot name them all!

    Thanks for reading my FAQ, of course more will be added as time goes by, and feel free to ask your own little questions!
  • StraykoStrayko zoetermeerPosts: 56Member
    Nice FAQ guide, a lot of things are missing, but as you said, you will add more later.

    Keep up the good work.


  • ShoysonyShoysony PerthPosts: 8Member

    A lot missing!?

    Tonnes  and tonnes missing!


    I'll put some more later on, once I thought of enough.


    -Zanko Out

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