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Force of Arms: New Game Added to List

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common is pleased to announce that we have added a new MMORPG to our Game List. Force of Arms is a mech-based MMORPG being developed by Wardog Studios.

Nearly forty years have passed since the last colonial ship from Earth arrived. Faster The Light capability had ceased to function for reasons unknown. There has been no news since that time.

Opposing factions originally agreed to end their disputes and strive for peace and colonization of the barren planet K-9WD Gamma. Peace would not last...

The main fighting unit is Mechanized Armor (abbreviated: Mech.). Large humanoid armored war machines armed with energy, kinetic and missile weapon systems.

Initially, Force of Arms will take place on the barren frontier planet called K-9WD Gamma. The planet has a frontier colonization feel to it with political instability. The planet is one of the few planets discovered to be mineral rich with a special element that provides superconductivity components to operate well into high temperatures. The end goal is for humanity to rediscover Faster-Than-Light capability, and it is of this planet that the rediscovery will occur.

At a certain point of time, Force of Arms will be expanded to include many star systems and alien races.

General Features

Mech based game system
One huge world, which will change over time due to terra-forming efforts.
Dynamic political boundaries
Cinematic realism
Sophisticated game play
3D tactical combat
Various levels of technology
Customizable and player created Mechs
Solo play is possible

Learn more about this game here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • MidavegMidaveg Petaling JayaPosts: 296Member
    Looks simple. Hope it shape up into a simple decent MMO. Good luck to the developers.

    All canceled. Waiting on Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning.

  • Devildog1Devildog1 Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 494Member

    Looks like a sweet concept! I hope it turns out well!

  • Hamilton-NEOHamilton-NEO San Dog, CAPosts: 75Member

    Greetings All,

    It has been a long road getting here, but we're finally listed.  Its great to be here.

    For clarification, Force of Arms is a Sci-Fi system and not Fantasy (going to get that corrected soon I hope).

    Force of Arms is currently in a Pre-Alpha Stage.

    We (Wardogs) are part of the next wave of independent developers of providing MMO’s to niche markets.  Force of Arms is designed as a sophisticated game system and reviewing the construction system or the Mech Specifications should confirm it.  We are part of the Multiverse Network and have presented at the Austin Game Conference ’06 and the Game Developer Conference ’07. 

    We welcome comments and feedback.

    Sign off,

  • CiredricCiredric Columbus, OHPosts: 723Member

    Wow now if we could build a variety of mechs including some that can also terraform and do other things other than fight then sign me up, sounds like a wonderful concept.

    Most MMO's limit your ability to build, that would be radical if that was allowed.

  • xxthecorexxxxthecorexx Bridgewater, NJPosts: 1,078Member
    Originally posted by Ciredric

    Wow now if we could build a variety of mechs including some that can also terraform and do other things other than fight then sign me up, sounds like a wonderful concept.
    Most MMO's limit your ability to build, that would be radical if that was allowed.

    and how freakin' cool would it be to be able to "join" with group/party members to form a big-ol'-bad-ass-bot.

    hamilton - good luck with the development and keep us posted on the progress.


  • RobbgobbRobbgobb Dallas, TXPosts: 489Member Uncommon
    Thank goodness for seeing stuff about this game. A mech MMO is what I have been waiting for. It is much easier to my thinking of doing stuff that way. Loot is salvage from winning battles. Can easily have arenas that are for Gladiator style fighting and can have betting on it sort of like Solaris planet for the Battletech universe. Can easily have mega money sinks just by the upkeep of mechs. There is so many options of how this could be done and done better than fantasy for me. I will have to wait and see if it offers things that will attract me over what few games have my attention at the moment.
  • SalvatorisSalvatoris Fort Worth, TXPosts: 1,360Member

    I have watched too many independent mech games be announced and then fade away since the 'Mech series was shelved by Microsoft to even get my hopes up any more.  That said, good luck getting it out the door and avoiding a lawsuit. :)

  • Hamilton-NEOHamilton-NEO San Dog, CAPosts: 75Member

    Thank you all for your comments.

    Well one way to avoid IP Lawsuits with Microsoft or Wizkids, is to simply not use MechWarrior/BattleTech (TM) all together.  We have our own original IP and the Mech (abbreviated for Mechanized Armor and not as 'Mech (TM)) Construction System is not of Microsoft or WizKids.  I do agree, that I too have seen too many copies of MechWarrior/BattleTech (TM) come along and unable to generate revenue due to copyright and trademark protection.  I would wished that these groups had spent the time to make their own IP.  However, apparently this was never going to happen and so it is up to us to make it happen.

    Please review the Mech Construction System and the two Mech Specifications to get an idea of the level of detail to be used.  

    Sign off,

  • guy232guy232 Lincoln, NEPosts: 343Member Uncommon

    I have watched some of the development of this game and Im slightly curious.  I noticed some of the models in the game are the same ones used in "DropTeam" why is that? 


    By the way..add cool dmage effects! nothing would rock more than to slowly blast your enemy to pieces



  • DracusDracus The Bay Area, CAPosts: 1,449Member

    Great to read of another small indie team making a stab into the market.

    And it is with mechs!  I wonder if we are going to see the same with mechs as we have seen with Pirate games.

    "Oh my, look at this game, it has a crowd.  We better jump on the bandwagon too."

    And that is why...

    Conservatives' pessimism is conducive to their happiness in three ways. First, they are rarely surprised -- they are right more often than not about the course of events. Second, when they are wrong they are happy to be so. Third, because pessimistic conservatives put not their faith in princes -- government -- they accept that happiness is a function of fending for oneself. They believe that happiness is an activity -- it is inseparable from the pursuit of happiness.

  • TorakTorak xxxxxxxxxPosts: 4,905Member

    Well good luck to you, its good to see the indie devs are actually exploring new possibilities for MMO's, lord knows the mainstream is so stuck on generic fantasy levelers its pathetic.

    Are you sure you aren't going to add elves, dwarves, generic endgame raids or something lol....just kidding. My fingers are crossed for you

  • gpettgpett San Jose, CAPosts: 1,105Member
    I wish you luck!  I am a long time Battletech/Mechwarrior fan and even though this is a differnt IP, I am still excited.  I wish you all the luck in the world in your development.

    Something to keep in mind, Mechs and combat is not enough to make an MMO.  Do not forget to create an intreaguing world that the player enjoys exploring.  Too many of the recent Sci-fi MMOs failed to create an immersive world.  Keep up the good work!
  • MordacaiMordacai Atlanta, GAPosts: 309Member
    We have a pretty immersive setting for you, 9 billion years in the making. Stop by the site to check out the Lorescapes. The most recent is Lorescape 9.

    Also, in case anyone missed it on our site the guys are hosting a contest until Friday 4/13 for some swag posters. All you have to do is put your name in the hat there, they are great pieces of art. Hopefully we'll have some more ready for MMORPG.COM very soon for a similar contest, if they decide to hold one.

  • MordacaiMordacai Atlanta, GAPosts: 309Member
    Just a reminder for everyone. Tomorrow is the end of the contest over there at for the swag.
  • Hamilton-NEOHamilton-NEO San Dog, CAPosts: 75Member
    Originally posted by guy232

    I have watched some of the development of this game and Im slightly curious.  I noticed some of the models in the game are the same ones used in "DropTeam" why is that? 

    I know I do dislike when tough questions go unanswered and thus figure that there must be something to hide.  Since we do like to state that we are to be open with the user community, well then tough questions should not go unanswered.

    For the current stage of development we are using licensed OTC (Over The Counter) models (or so that is the coined term) for secondary purposes (buildings, turrets and vehicles).  Primary models, in this case at the current time are Mechs; which are being made as original models.  We did use one purchased robot model for testing, which has now been phased out.  So why use OTC models?

    Here are a few reasons and there are more, but I think these will suffice:

    - They (OTC models) keep development costs down and allows for a visualization of the game world.  Which in my opinion is better than looking at cubes, spheres, and cylinders.

    - Such models allow programmers and content designers to perform work and do not need to wait up on for the modelers to create assets.

    - From informal surveys, seems that the majority of the player base has not seen such models before; with an increase awareness in the developer base.

    - Using existing models is similar to using licensed designs from other IP.  For example (though done illegally), BattleTech ™ used Macross ™ and Fang of the Sun ™ mech designs for the initial set of mechs.  The same principle is at work as well.  And yes we do plan on attempting to acquire licenses/permission for existing mech designs.

    - The OTC models are expected to be phased out before the title goes live.

    - Though most of the screenshots show of OTC models, they do provide what capabilities there will be; for example flight and 1:1 scale.

    So was it premature to seek a listing on MMORPG.Com, while using OTC models?

    I do not think so.  The primary reason for this is that we are bringing in a new IP title.  The general consensus is that when bringing in a new IP, a community needs to be grown.  The community starts small and it takes time to socialize the IP.  As we move forward we will be releasing new screenshots and information, allowing people to see the progress and gain interest.

    I hope that answers the question and shows our intent of being open with the community. 

    Sign off,

  • guy232guy232 Lincoln, NEPosts: 343Member Uncommon

    Hope you dont mind but im very tempted to copy and paste this response on on a game development forum I visit. Because its a very smart way to show the capability of an engine without having to spend countless hours developing your own models/animation.  I know that I and many other mech fans and amature game devs wish you guys the best, hopefuly being the new kid on the block of mmos wont make you intimidated by it all. 

    Best of luck and hope too see more cool screens+ingame vids soon



  • Hamilton-NEOHamilton-NEO San Dog, CAPosts: 75Member

    Thanks, and by all means, please do refer to that post or copy and paste it.

    I would like to have some credt if you do not mind, but hey, if you don't, no worries.  I would just like to eventually become a subject matter expert.    (plus if you get any flammers, you can blame me)

    We're hoping to pave the way for future amature game developers, showing that is it indeed possible to make their dreams come true.

    Sign off,

  • Chase05Chase05 Mississauga, ONPosts: 113Member
    wow looks like a fun game that I will enjoy playing
  • guy232guy232 Lincoln, NEPosts: 343Member Uncommon
    lol seeing as im still stuck in the mire of C++ of game development I cant very well take the credit lol.  course paste dyour site to show them its legeit



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