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HS Updates 7 April 2007

BlitzIABlitzIA Burlington, VTPosts: 1Member

News: 7 April 2007

1. Lord Vile, the Sleepless Lord, is now rumoured to exist in the Alioth system.

2. Both Lord Vile and Zyr the Exiles are now on 24 hour timers.

3. Now,the more players a clan has, the more regen they get.

4. Both Lord Vile and Zyr the Exiled are announced on the news when they spawn.

5. Fixed a bu with duplicate quest items.

6. Fixed some stun related bugs.

7. Traps are now more dangerous.

8. Smugglers now get one automatic chance to disarm traps as they stumble on them.

9.  Added hyperspace transport from the starbase to the three outposts.


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