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mobile phone MMO er...

godpuppetgodpuppet NottinghamPosts: 1,416Member
Isnt this going to be alittle expensive, granted the wireless internet connection with phones is not cheap.



  • TrenialTrenial Newark, OHPosts: 5Member Uncommon
    Depends on who your carrier is, Cingular offers unlimited for 29.99 a month, which is alot if you intend to do 1 thing, like play the game, but I have email, myspace, games, weather, movies and all that other stuff I like to check up on, I once was doing all that without a unlimited data package, and I rang up a 86$ tab in under 3 days, so yeah I had to switch.
  • ZaceZace KirkhamPosts: 77Member

    Im on a contract with T-mobile, web'n'walk unlimited access for 7quid a month :)

    Mind you - cant get this download to my phone - but im working on it !!!


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