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hellsfearhellsfear newport news, VAPosts: 83Member Uncommon
who whould pay  $19 to buy this game then the $3 a month. look at the grafics. they suck.


  • maggotANUBISmaggotANUBIS Gold CoastPosts: 76Member
    this game is from 1998 leave it alone dude...
  • DarkPlanet11DarkPlanet11 Oxnard, CAPosts: 53Member
    Ppl from 1998 would pay 4 dis.

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  • SnoitpoSnoitpo Antioch, CAPosts: 2Member
    No we didn't. We only payed the one time subscription fee so we could get our lifetime access to the "Classic" servers and not have our stats go away every time we logged off.
  • Kevin41894Kevin41894 OC, NJPosts: 8Member
    I love graal, im a player with my brother, and best friend. well yea the graphics are bad but the roleplaying and action is awsome! its not like a boring click and point game, its 2d wich and doesnt lag al! when my friend showed me it, i thought it was bad, but when i started it was awsome! great roleplaying too!
  • Kevin41894Kevin41894 OC, NJPosts: 8Member
    oh and its not only fantasy, theres sci fy, modern, and a whole variety of worlds! mine is modern, the server is called Era, very fun, drive around in a car with my bud and shoot peeps lol! gang wars, races, and much much more
  • trust me, this game is crap and not worth your time, if you want I can hack some accounts for you so you don't have to pay for the crap.

  • RayneXRayneX Ottawa, ONPosts: 7Member

    You guys might find it boring and all, but Graal is pretty good, and yea there is a good RPing System, (Although i would prefer World of Warcraft any time) but its a good side game....But yea it does get boring after like 5months playing it....

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  • FireFuryFireFury HortenPosts: 2Member

    Dudes. This Game. Rocks Everything. The community is awesome, you can make your own servers (Which can be Coded etc) its basically make your own Game, as there is Future worlds, RPG worlds, Modern Worlds, ITS SO GOOD. I started out playing Unholy Nation, which in my opinion sucked. left the game for like a month, i tryed out Zone. Zone, Rocks. I played Zone for like a YEAR. yes i know the Graphics are bad, but looking at other 2d's this one rules. Theres so much Customisations. As the Server Admin can add ANYTHING to the server.

    Its deffinatly worth a try. (If you try it, go to either Zone or Era or Unholy Nation. Might wanna check out Zodiac aswell.)


  • DeshiSteeleDeshiSteele BrisbanePosts: 2Member

    Well regardless whether or not you think the old subscription fee was fair, Graal Kingdoms is now free to play and has more content and updates than ever!

    The graphics are above the standard for it's genre and still continues to improve the quality decades later. It's no longer just an old 98' game that had quests and hearts similar to that of a SNES game but instead it has the potential to compete with large scale MMORPGs and in the future I hope the world see how great this game still is!


    Come join us and we will recruit you into our kingdom, fight along side you in dungeons, lend a hand when you build a house or even when you're crafting a bread stick to take your baked goods out of the oven! In addition if you've grown up amongst classic rpg games this will especially find a place in your heart



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