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Problem with using Xfire Profile is my signature

Gammit100Gammit100 Detroit, MIPosts: 439Member Uncommon

Whenver I try to use my xfire profile in my sig (going through My Profile, Forum...), I get an error that says:

Errors Found

  • The XFire profile you entered is invalid. Please correct your XFire profile name or visit to create a profile.


What gives?  I assure you, I do have a profile, and I entered the name correctly.  Hell, I can even see it in the preview.

MMO games played or tested: EQ, DAoC, Archlord, Auto Assault, CoH, CoV, EQ2, EVE, Guild Wars, Hellgate: London, Linneage II, LOTRO, MxO, Planetside, SWG, Sword of the New World, Tabula Rasa, Vanguard, WWIIOL, WOW, Age of Conan


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