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Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn Website Launches

GFullsGFulls Hillsborough, NJPosts: 482Member

Ultima Online Kingdom Reborn Website launched with a look at the new graphics upgrade. After ten years on the market Ultima Online continues to grow and remain one of the classic MMOs.

EA Mythic today unveiled the official website for Ultima Online: Kingdom
Reborn, the expansion that ushers in a new decade of fantasy role-playing
for the iconic MMORPG. Kingdom Reborn, scheduled for release this summer as
a free download, provides players with an unprecedented graphics update,
improved user interface, and renovated tutorial system aimed at imparting
new players with a richer understanding of the world.

To learn more about Kingdom Reborn and see the transformation first-hand
through before and after screenshots, visit:

Read more here.


  • uoplayer123uoplayer123 Boston, NYPosts: 225Member
    It's great you guys/gals at mmorpg didn't write this game off , sure it still needs some love even after UOKR , But this game has come a long way in the last year.
  • dtportnoy69dtportnoy69 Montreal, MTPosts: 28Member
    It would be hard to write off UO after all it's been through and after all it has done for the MMO industry. Despite its struggles UO has commanded respect from in the industry.

    I'm excited to try the new upgrade and the upcoming expansion. Will it make UO how it used to be... probably not, but maybe it will instill some new enjoyment.

    All the best to UO!
  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 24,029Member Epic
    I might give this a try after the graphic update...just so I can add it to my games played list :)

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  • dtportnoy69dtportnoy69 Montreal, MTPosts: 28Member
    Hehe nice. Give it some time, it'll grow on you. So far its the only game I've played where you can pretty much do whatever you want whenever you want. I'm an  MMO whore, i've been around the block and played countless MMO's. I can say that I haven't found a game that could match UO as of yet. Darkfall online does look promising though.
  • AkeysAkeys brisbanePosts: 50Member
    Open up full loot PvP to all areas (no carebear Trammel crap). I dare you!

    ''98-''99 UO (Golden days!)
    ''00-''02 CS; SB beta
    ''03-''04 MODO
    ''04-''07 WoW
    ''07 - SB
    Waiting for Darkfall and PoBS

  • dtportnoy69dtportnoy69 Montreal, MTPosts: 28Member
    I guess you'll love Darkfall then :P What does SB stand for in your sig?
  • WisebutCruelWisebutCruel Paris, ALPosts: 1,089Member

    Originally posted by dtportnoy69
    I guess you'll love Darkfall then :P What does SB stand for in your sig?


  • CujoSWAoACujoSWAoA Nooo, AKPosts: 1,781Member Uncommon

    What about SOUND?

    Are they doing anything to update the game's sound?

    And I'm an avid Archery fan, but the archery in UO was... the epitome of "bad"...

    Has anything along those lines changed, is it to be changed?

  • DarwynFOURDarwynFOUR lolol, HIPosts: 55Member
    I'll be damned if I'm not excited for this...finally..a game that can hold me until AoC is out.

    The huge graphical update is VERY welcomed too.
  • slippyCslippyC Oxford, MSPosts: 396Member
    If they would have made it where you have different perspective I would jump on it.  I'm just not fond of overhead games, much anymore.  Behind person would have been great, cause I did enjoy the skill system vs the class system it offers.


  • CiredricCiredric Columbus, OHPosts: 723Member

    When UO brought out the Age of Shadows Expansion and the game was literally unplayable for two months and then they subsequently raised the fees on the game, I took my 6 year subscription and deep sixed it.  Have not been back since.

    While a graphics update would be nice for the game, it has some serious issues added in the recent expansions.

    When are some of you going to wake up to the fact that an all out FFA game will not fly in this marketplace.  That is why Trammel will never go away.  In old UO it was not so bad, the equipment was not a decider, skill was far more important.  When they introduced Age of Shadows, equipment became a big deal in pvp.  

    I just wish these devs would stop looking at other games and trying to compete with them.  Old UO's strength was that equipment was not that much of a deciding factor, while now it is extremely so.  Hence I see no real future to this game.  BTW my girlfriend after 9 years of play just quit it.  She hardly logged in anymore.  We always lived in Felucca, never minded the pks, but now pvp is rather absurd.

  • apertotesapertotes westmon, VAPosts: 363Member
    i am much more interested on the UI upgrade and new player experience than on the graphics upgrade (although i like it a lot)
  • BlakeTBlakeT Southgate, MIPosts: 45Member Uncommon
    I'm keeping my eye on this redo, as UO was my first real MMO and I played for a LONG time.  I even have an account kind of just sitting there, so reactivating it wouldn't be too hard.  Even just to take a look at the current state of the game anyway.

    Any solid release date as of yet?
  • lordbaltzlordbaltz LondonPosts: 2Member
    can we make the interface a bit more like WOW plz?
  • Cor4xCor4x Dallas, TXPosts: 241Member
    Wow. Does looking at those old screenshots bring back memories!

    (I noticed the marketing droids have been at those before/after pictures and there is different content in the after ones. (For example the undead in the before scene is replaced with lizard man models in the second. I imagine because the skeleton and ghost models don't look as "flashy".))

    I haven't played or even looked at UO since, I guess 2 years after it opened.

    Every once in a while I'd walk by an expansion in the store, pick it up, and be unimpressed and put it back down.

    The new graphics are tempting me though.


  • uoplayer123uoplayer123 Boston, NYPosts: 225Member

    Yea the graphics aren't to die for or to even make your computer bled , but thats what it's not all about , it's about having fun..

    Heres some more screenies:



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  • MetalLickerMetalLicker BurniePosts: 1Member
    I think this game needs a total rebuild on the graphics engine if its to compete with the likes of  WoW, i used to play this game for many years but the total exodus of the population made it slightly dull, mind you the skill system and gameplay are still unsurpassed by my opinion
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