RYL 2?!

Ok so here is my questions. One when did two come out? where could i download it? and if i payed for about 6 months of ryl 1 and never played it and its FREE then how can i get my money back?


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    um ryl1 paid? only ryl1 i know that is paid and in english is Cibs and if thats the case go to their offical site and ask.

    ryl1 came out back in i think 1994 i think. i cant read korean so im not sure. ryl2 came out back in 2004/2005 atleast thats when the USA version cameout.

    ryl.pf is all free so i dont know how your paying for 6months for it when their RYL1 server is only about 6 months old lol

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  • ExpatriateExpatriate Santa Barbara, CAMember Posts: 202
    There are a lot of different RYL servers, and they're not hard to find.

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