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Moved To Tears

SteamRangerSteamRanger Great Northwest, WAPosts: 920Member Uncommon
Watching the long (22 min +) video for this game had me almost weeping. It is, honestly, the most beautiful game I have ever seen. It looks like the inventory screen has a special tab for "ordinary" clothing. I wonder if this means that role-players are desired in Perfect World. Here's hoping that an English-speaking server gets up and running soon.

"Soloists and those who prefer small groups should never have to feel like they''re the ones getting the proverbial table scraps, as it were." - Scott Hartsman, Senior Producer, Everquest II
"People love groups. Its a fallacy that people want to play solo all the time." - Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer, Rift



  • whitedelightwhitedelight Winston-Salem, NCPosts: 1,544Member
    Link the video, I have never seen a game that would move me like that ?


  • SteamRangerSteamRanger Great Northwest, WAPosts: 920Member Uncommon

    It's the first one on the list. Simply breathtaking.


    "Soloists and those who prefer small groups should never have to feel like they''re the ones getting the proverbial table scraps, as it were." - Scott Hartsman, Senior Producer, Everquest II
    "People love groups. Its a fallacy that people want to play solo all the time." - Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer, Rift

  • CherelCherel ValenciaPosts: 34Member
    I totally agree with you.

    I use to play lots of free MMORPGs, and some traits are, for me, essential. An RPG should encourage roleplaying, and this implies having good character customization, roleplay support as player interaction "gestures", interesting story arcs and strong universe settings... and lots of freedom, of course.

    Unfortunately, most F2P MMORPGs leave this aspect behind in their games to bring us combat centered gameplay, reducing the player interaction in the game to almost nothing besides partying and exchanging goods and items.

    This seems to not to be the case in Perfect World. I know many people does not care about it, but for me, character customization is very important,  and Perfect World does deliver the best and wider character customization I have ever seen in an MMORPG. Being able to make your character look like the role you want to play is key for roleplaying. I tend to avoid games where you have a standard set of x characters, who are liked to their class, and you are stuck with it's backstory and looks, which are in fact shared by half the community.

    I might even consider Perfect World gives us too many options, like turning or human skin green, blue or other strange colours. I hope players will refrain from using them, or do it in a creative way. Maybe the players themselves will see in this feature a way to tell the style of the player we are in front of, as I fear many "l33t" players will be creating oddly coloured humans just for fun.

    Anyway. Character customization for me is important, and customization options for Perfect world are much better than those seen in many pay to play games. I can't name right now a Pay to Play hack and slash MMORPG with a character editor ala "Sims2"

    As for freedom, this game allows you reach whatever spot you want, if it is an ingame solid model. You can go diving, and even fly. Fying is not new, as F2P games like Flyff did it years ago, but Perfect World makes it MEAN something more than being just a way to go from point A to point B. As far as I know, you can carry a friend with you -increased interaction- and, regarding combat mechanics, you can fight and cast spells while flying, so the hability of flying might cause strategic decisions such as bringing a bow or not with you, or atacking certain mobs or even other players from land or from air.

    The world seems vast and interesting, as far as we have seen, but the places seen in videos do not look full of life at all. I hope NPCs and players will bring them to life. I am curious about how will these places feel ingame, and if certain areas are suitable for roleplaying. As we have not seen any of these, I fear there will be no taverns, or places designed specificaly to interact. However, If a place is suitable enough, I guess Players will make it interesting (pvp tournaments at the city gates, for instance?)

    I really apreciate the effort of casual clothing. I fear, however, it will not be enough if the world is not encouraging roleplaying.

    I have no idea at all about story behind this game, but I like the fact players are able to take part in the world by land grabbing battles. It will help players creating a set of circumstances to roleplay in, in case backstory is not deep enough (unfortunately, almost no F2P MMORPG uses deep storytelling)

    The fact we have different races, with different traits and classes is interesting. Mainly because these classes seem to have been created specificaly to work with the race, so I figure you will always find a class to fit in whatever your race is, and you will use your racial traits as a part of your class. instead of deciding your class first, and then chosing the race that fits it the most (or the only one which it is avaliable to).

    To be sincere, I find BeastMen to be very charismatic as a race, and charisma is what gives sense to having different races. I'd like the elves to be more different than humans, however, as they can't be distinghished at first glance, so these two races feel less unique. Having distinct races is great for roleplayed interaction, and while we don't have wars between races, I guess roleplayers could use races for their character development. Even if guilds come into play, a good deal of story guided events might be needed  to keep the world running -mob raids and so on-

    Today, I doubt a game can not fall into the "Kill Ten Rats" quest scheme, but I really hope this game gets some interesting backstory and story related quests.

    Now, if we add true crafting into the equation -not "i give a +1 to this sword I bought by combining it to a drop I just got"- the game shines for me. I wonder if living just from crafting will be possible. This fact usually sets apart "combat grinding games" and "Role playing oriented games". I have little hopes about it being possilbe, however, as I assume many materials will come from mob grinding.

    Obviously, I have not mentioned graphics or the combat sistem, but I think the vids speak for themselves. If mobs are different enough and classes are well balanced, I doubt this aspect will be anything less than amazing.

    I am just hoping this game's english version is not ruined by bad balanced cashshops or deadly wrong publisher decisions. Finding a good publisher for a game like this is essential.
  • LordDevilLordDevil ZirlPosts: 253Member Uncommon

    Yes, I absolutely agree with you. BTW: The philippine publisher levelupgames seems to have a very good reputation regarding translation/hosting etc.! So at least we can expect a good translation. Regarding the story part, I talked to an english speaking chinese guy and he explained me that this games is all about this large chinese myth "Pangu", so its very story driven. That's why he told me that I will not see much in the chinese version if I don't understand anything, because I can't follow the eseential storyline etc.

    All in all I am very curious on who will host it in euopre/america. I wished levleupgames would do it, they seem to be very dedicated to their gamers.

    For now I will try to get into the philippine closed beta, starting March 28th, so I can grab a glimpse of the english translation and go deeper into the game. I really want to keep the wiki up to date then :)

    Kind regards,


    Currently playing: Archeage
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