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Its a different new, new beginning. We are SORRY! (Again)

MoLoK_MoLoK_ SthlmPosts: 307Member Common


hahaha... so the dude tracy is now boss. some favourite quotes...

"Africa is the only game to survive the change in management at Rapid Reality remains in the early design phase. The team is of one - Spaight - and should remain that way for a time."

Strange wording... and I wonder what Africa has that makes them go for it that TC didnt have?

"Original partners, AfricaCast, are no longer involved in the project, but Spaight remains committed to this project, and believes it can eventually appeal to a mass audience and be completed in the next 2.5 to 3 years."

Ok... so not MTV and no AfricaCast... but still RR's aim is Africa? Who would ever dream of investing in a project like this, especially with RR's track record.

"After a time of turmoil it is good to see the development team pull together and get back on track, rather than going under. With their first product due out the door before the middle of the year and Africa on the horizon, the fortunes of Rapid Reality seem to be on the rise."

^^I do not agree. RR should go under (it will, just a matter of time imo). And Phylon is now 6 months into 2007? Wasnt it Q1? Or even december 06? And Africa is NOT ON THE HORIZON!


And... feel free to do a simple google for "Tracy Spaight". Some interesting stuff there...



  • flagg24flagg24 Findlay, OHPosts: 11Member

    "For people who pre-ordered, Spaight told us at GDC when we met, that a full refund and heartfelt apology is either on the way or coming very soon."


    From the link in the first article. Does this mean everyone then? Even those that hadn't requested a refund?


    Also, does anyone know how many preorders there were in total?

  • flagg24flagg24 Findlay, OHPosts: 11Member

    This showed up in my bulk folder:


    Note: removing a link or two out of courtesy for RR.

    Dear community member,

    We’re writing to let you know that Rapid Reality is under new management and creative direction. Our former management team was asked to leave the company in December. We’ve spent the past two months reorganizing the studio and forging ahead with our first title, an MMOFPS called Phylon.

    When Rapid Reality opened its doors in 2005, the goal was to build limited content titles on a short dev cycle. When The Chronicle got delayed, and then pushed back further, and finally put on hold, our former management team should have explained the situation to the community and offered refunds for those who sought them. Many of us here at Rapid Reality were frustrated about the lack of communication, but were not in a position to do anything about it. Now that the studio is under new management, we want to apologize for how you were treated in the past and to make amends.

    Our top priority is to make things right with you, our customers. If you decide to stick with us, then we’d like to offer you a spot in the beta for Phylon, an MMOFPS title which combines the persistence and depth of an MMO with the fast-paced action of an FPS. To access the beta, simply create an account at <<LINK REMOVED>> (but be sure you accept first) and then download the client from here <<LINK REMOVED>> Additionally, as a way to make it up to you, we will credit your account with two months of free play once the game goes live in April. You can read about the game at

    If you would like to participate in the Phylon beta, and to receive two free months of game play, then please click the following link, which will take you to the registration and download page. Note that by clicking the link below you will not be eligible for a refund for your preorder.

    click to accept:  <<LINK REMOVED>>

    alternatively, you accept by navigating to this address (copy and paste in your browser address line):


    If you would rather receive a refund for your preorder, then please send an email to <<LINK REMOVED>>, along with your name, email, and Paypal account name. We will reimburse you as quickly as possible.

    Despite our company’s past missteps, we – the programmers, artists, designers, and staff who now make up the studio – will continue to push the envelope on game design. We’re all here because we share a common vision of making great games. We’re passionate about what we do and we enjoy the creative challenge. It’s been a long and bumpy road to get to where we are, but as a team we’re excited about the year ahead. We can’t undo the past, but we can and will be the kind of company you deserve in the future.


    The Rapid Reality Team

    sent - 3/12/2007 7:36:22 PM


    I'll be asking for the refund. I came for TC specifically and the other "Center" games. Not for Phylon.

  • ZorvanZorvan nowhere, CAPosts: 8,912Member Common
    I agree, flagg24. i was interested in the games actually mentioned at the time of pre-order, specifically TC, not the crap they have now. I wonder how many have gotten one of those letters, as I haven't yet.
  • flagg24flagg24 Findlay, OHPosts: 11Member

    Check your bulk/spam folder. That is where mine showed up.


    And also, I have already received the refund from them. Less than four hours from when I requested it this morning.

  • ZorvanZorvan nowhere, CAPosts: 8,912Member Common
    Yeah, nothing in my folders. However, I won my pre-order here through, so don't know exactly what they intend to do about us contest folk. Glad you got you refund, thogh.
  • KaneKane Seattle, WAPosts: 780Member
    Yeah, I got that same letter on Monday. Screw them. I wanted The Chronicle and the zombie-pocalypse game. NOT Phylon. I don't much like sci-fi to be honest.
  • CaesarsGhostCaesarsGhost Marietta, GAPosts: 2,136Member
    Life and Death that game was going to kickass... I wonder if I could jack the poster they made for that from the studio...

    - CaesarsGhost

    Lead Gameplay and Gameworld Designer for a yet unnamed MMO Title.
    "When people tell me designing a game is easy, I try to get them to design a board game. Most people don't last 5 minutes, the rest rarely last more then a day. The final few realize it's neither fun nor easy."

  • RemyVorenderRemyVorender Riverside, RIPosts: 3,483Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by flagg24

    Check your bulk/spam folder. That is where mine showed up.
    And also, I have already received the refund from them. Less than four hours from when I requested it this morning.
    Yup, found the email from RR in my junk folder...imagine that.

    I'm free at last! Peace. 

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  • KaneKane Seattle, WAPosts: 780Member
    What did the poster looks like, CG?
  • coder1024coder1024 Eastern PA, PAPosts: 56Member

    so RR is smart enough to get rid of the Ghetti's but not smart enough to learn from their mistakes and actually improve.

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