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VengerVenger Posts: 1,295Member Uncommon

How dependent is crafting on farming mobs for mats?  Or is all / most crafting resources world spawns like UO?



  • LordDevilLordDevil ZirlPosts: 253Member Uncommon

    I cant comment on that yet. All I know is how it works...

    So far as I have seen it, you need to buy some kind of axe to gather materials. I would say its a bit similar to wow & everquest 2. E.g. you see a stone or a flower on the floor and then you can double click on this and after a short while you get items out of it. I am not sure if there is some kind of skinning of mobs etc. !

    However ill ask this on our forums or ingame, so maybe my chinese friend can answer it and then I will update the FAQ.

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  • u can craft when lv5 , u can get Q from NPC in village ( human , elf , beast )

    Now u have the craf book to learn ( passive skill ) There're 5 job ( weapon. armor. jewelry, and..I.t's like doctor)

    LV1 : craft 10 item lv1 ( anything if u can )

    Lv2 : 10 item

    Lv3 : 30

    Lv4 : 45

    Lv 5 : 60

    Finding the material is very hard , but u can buy = USD
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