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Age of Conan: Dark Horse Comics: All About Conan

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At the New York Comic Con, News Editor Garrett Fuller took a moment to talk to Dark Horse Comics, the folks who are doing the most recent incarnation of Conan, so if you're one of those folks who isn't sure about the lore of this IP, you should check this out!

While at the NY Comic Con last weekend we were lucky enough to sit down with Scott Allie, Cary Nord, and Jeremy Atkins of Dark Horse Comics. These are the guys responsible for the Conan comics we have been reading over the last several years. With Age of Conan from Funcom coming out later this year, we thought it would be a great idea to sit down with the guys who are responsible for the comic book. Cary Nord is the main artist for the Conan book and Scott Allie is the editor. Jeremy Atkins handles PR for Dark Horse and works closely with the Conan license.

If you plan on playing Age of Conan and have not read too many of the comics or stories about the character himself I highly recommend checking the Dark Horse series out. The main reason is that the storyline goes back to Conan's roots in the Robert E. Howard stories. Who is Mr. Howard? Well, Howard was a pulp writer in the 1930s that invented Conan and wrote the original stories about his adventures in the barbaric yet ancient civilized world of Hyboria. These stories were considered way ahead of their time because of their dynamic nature, adult content, and fantasy element. Howard's stories are rumored to have even been read and liked by J.R.R. Tolkien. The difference is that Conan's time was a much darker and brutal fantasy world than the dwarves and elves of Tolkien, a theme that has been reflected in comics, movies, games and now the upcoming MMORPG. Other writers have adapted Howard's work or written stories of Conan over the years. The Dark Horse team remains very true to Howard's original stories with a few additional tales of their own being put in for flavor. After all, there were only seventeen Conan stories published in Howard's lifetime. Five others were not published during his lifetime. The rest are just notes and fragments. The best part is that Dark Horse plans to follow all of the Howard story arcs in their series.

Read it all, here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor

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