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Shadowbane: New Discipline Information

MaximaneMaximane New Westminster, BCPosts: 625Member

Ubisoft has updated Shadowbane's online encyclopedia to cover important information on the new Archmage and Thrall disciplines.  Power listings as well as lore are explained in detail for each of the new disciplines.  Here are excerpts from the overviews of both disciplines:

Archmage, Greatest of Wizards

The Elves were first initiated into the secrets of Magic by Saedron herself. Greatest of the Elf Wizards are the Archmagi, whose mental discipline grants them powers undreamed of by lesser minds.
Thrall, Soldier of the Deathless Empire
Minotaurs were bred to serve the Deathless Empire, bound to their masters by chains of sorcery. The mightiest serve as Thralls, shock troops who lend their strength and frenzy to their masters.

 Visit the online encyclopedia and immerse yourself in the Archmage and Thrall.

Alex "Maximane" De Line
- MMORPG.COM Staff -

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