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Drama-mania... Grindo-mania... or just mania?

PizzaguyPizzaguy City, ALPosts: 3Member

Tho I'm not sold on the idea of a 'conspiracy' by a few people,as another poster claims,  I have some discomfort at the player base.  Most of the time people seem pretty willing to help out a new person - and that's really great! - but this place is a regular 'Drama Queen' of a game.  It is a pretty small player base, and I guess everybody knows everybody, except the new people, and there are histories / grudges / drama. 

It might be the grind grind grind that makes alot of people drop the game (a big drop-out rate of new people).  It's like you're clicking the same five things a million times in a row.  One day I was looking at the screen and said 'What the heck am I doing?!'   I made some stuff, and that was fun and novel at first, but I really couldnt contribute anything to the whole.  There are tons of Uber-players that were light years ahead of me and my contributions were insignificant. 

It's weird.  I felt like people were nice and helpful and all, but at the same time I also got the feeling that newbies were second class citizens and just sort of tolerated.  I don't know if that makes sense, but that's how I felt.



  • DentataDentata Harrisburg, PAPosts: 33Member

    I have only been playing a few months, and have made real contributions to the community.  What happens and how it affects you depends on what you want to do.  The game is sort of a sandbox in this respect, you aren't quite given missions, nor are you required to do anything in paricular.  If you try, you will get lots of help.

    The rantings of elitism come from someone who sees conspiricies everywhere, and who would benefit from psychiatric help.  Don't judge the game based on his rantings, he is infamous within the game.

    That said, there are benefits to having played previous versions of the game and to having been here from the start.  This isn't surprising, but it can bother some people.  The game doesn't require competition against other players, but if your goal is to be the highest level, have the most stuff, or pass the most tests, that will be more difficult if you start late.  But you can have a lot of fun without doing any of these things.

    What appeals to me about this game is that, because there is no combat, it has attracted a more adult player base.  It is also very solo-friendly; you can accomplish a lot without having to coordinate a 40-person raid.  At the same time, social connections and networking can help you get things done, so you don't have 500 people all working in a vacuum.

    It is a unique game.  It will appeal to some, appall others.  There is a 24 hour trial (gametime) which is more than sufficient for you to figure out if it works for you.


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