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Dragon Empires: Q&A with Calistas @ TotalVideoGames

MaximaneMaximane New Westminster, BCPosts: 625Member

A Q&A session with Codemasters' Community Manager Peter "Calistas" Tyson took place yesterday at TotalVideoGames on their highly anticipated MMORPG Dragon Empires.  The session asked questions about the Codemasters Team as well as some of the intricacies on combat and trading.  Here is one of the highlights from the Q&A:

TVG: What are a couple of the initial main objectives for the player and what is the main long term one?

The initial objective is to explore, go up a few levels, do some quests and make some friends. Over time I expect many players will move into joining clans and getting involved with the world politics. Those who donâ??t do that will still be able to explore, take on tougher monsters, do advanced quests and delve deep into dungeons.

The complete Q&A session, along with a few screenshots, can be found right here.

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