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Dark Age Of Camelot: It is War on Pendragon!

MaximaneMaximane New Westminster, BCPosts: 625Member

Mythic Entertainment is cranking it up with another major event, "The War of the Realms".  Over two days the three realms will be duking it out for a massive battle on the Pendragon test server.  Here is an exerpt from the Camelot Herald:

When? This Thursday, April 8, and Friday, April 9, from 7:00 PM EDT to 11:00 PM EDT.

Where? Meet at one of the portal keeps, and wait for a system broadcast from Geret (the Hercules of the PQ Aegean Stables) with further instructions.

What further instructions? At 7:00 PM EDT, Geret will declare a combat objective, and name the defending realm. The other two realms will attack the objective, and if successful in their efforts, will be awarded points. The game will begin again, and continue until 11:00 PM EDT. WeÃ???ll repeat the fun the next evening, so debts of honor can be settled.

Why? It'll be loads of fun... and as always, Mythic employees will be watching and choosing valiant combatants to join the beta test for New Frontiers.

Grab your sword, shield, mace, dagger, magic, or other weapon of war.  Remember, Mythic will be observing the battle and will be "...choosing valiant combatants to join the beta test for New Frontiers."

The information, as well as instructions on copying your character to the test server, can be found here.

Alex "Maximane" De Line
- MMORPG.COM Staff -

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