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The Matrix Online: New DVD Includes Featurette!

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A behind-the-scenes look at The Matrix Online is coming your way...
Today, Tuesday, April 6th, The Matrix Revolutions DVD will be released complete with a 10-minute featurette of The Matrix Online. Get an inside look at the making of The Matrix Online world through interviews with the game's developers. Learn how the Wachowski Brothers' vision of The Matrix is being transformed into an MMOG experience for gamers.
You can pick up this newly released DVD movie at this link.

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  • Clever_GloveClever_Glove Columbus, OHPosts: 996Member
    Does it show the game, or is just a bunch of geeks talking about how wonderfull it is?

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  • SatansDiscipleSatansDisciple Fleetwood, PAPosts: 2,782Member

    isnt it matrix revolutions that it will be released with? that link is for reloaded.



  • killerTwinkiekillerTwinkie Eau Claire, WIPosts: 1,694Member
    Yes but it was shown as a news item, thus the title it has. image

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  • OminisOminis Foothill Ranch, CAPosts: 1,015Member
    Hope it wan't like in the second Matrix DVD. It showed how "great" and "revolutionary" the Enter the Matrix game would be. Just a bunch of nerdy guys showing the game half done. Hopefully this will be better.

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  • BigcapoBigcapo NB, MAPosts: 58Member Uncommon

    I honestly don't know too much about TMO besides some of the info that has been released. Supposively a friend of mine who runs a MMOG site has been in testing the game and he swears this will be THE ONE.

    Matrix Online just makes all these old Mmorpg's we been testing seem like ZELDA..

    mmorpg's are about to change...

    THE ONE is coming.

    I have started gaining more interest in it after he said that. I definitely will be putting this in my *priority watch* list, for now anyways ;)

    Here are a couple links if your not too familiar with TMO yet.

    Official Site
    GameSpy Interview

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  • viet_boy33viet_boy33 Fort Walton Beach, FLPosts: 395Member
    Yay todays the day even though I didn't like number 3 but still their out today.

    I want to cast magic missle.
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  • sakersaker harrisburg, PAPosts: 1,097Member Uncommon
    Well I just watched the DVD (got it through my dvd rental provider Netflicks), this feature was not on the disk (fact there weren't many features at all, just trailers for all 3 movies). Maybe its on a different version? Or someone just plain screwed up, no idea.

  • MuppetHeroMuppetHero Renton, WAPosts: 208Member
    as an avid Netflixer.. Did you get both disks. Cus Matrix 3 comes on two disks one with movie and the other with the special Features. my guess is you only got Disk one..So if you really want to see the rest get disk two.. I on the other hand hateing this movie got Friends season 7! 8 )

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  • ElnatorElnator Chesapeake, VAPosts: 6,077Member

    Bleh, who cares, the movies sucked.

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