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Organized Aggression Recruiting (HD-Nirvana Server)

BlazeofFuryBlazeofFury Mount Vernon, NYPosts: 13Member
HD Hero Band Organized Aggression looking for active, "adult like" players with positive, helpful attitudes. Currently there are no level or class restrictions. Good communication is key. Our goal is to be the top rated guild on the server. We will war, do boss raids, and have events with gold prizes and items. If you have the drive to be the best, come submit an application at our forum. Look forward to having you join us. Cheers

Master: Blazeoffury

Leader: Tarded_Wife

Leader: Tarder_Hubby

Leader: VanXiang

Leader: Refresh

**** plz be willing to post on Organized Aggression forums****

***Note*** this is an organized clan with rules, which r posted on the forum (ie: be friendly, helpful, like to chat etc.)


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