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EVE Online: Back to EVE

KoltraneKoltrane Madison, MSPosts: 1,049Member Uncommon
CCP is offering beta testers of EVE Online an exclusive 14-day trial in an attempt to woo them back to the game.

Since the Beta Test numerous things have happened and the game has not only grown in stability, but many new features have been implemented that have transformed EVE to what we all hoped it could be.
As a token of our appreciation, we are offering you an exclusive 14-day access pass so you can explore the world you took part in creating.

Any former EVE testers who wish to take advantage of this promotion may find more information at this link.

Click here to visit the official EVE Online website.


Old timer.


  • SnaKeySnaKey Arkadelphia, ARPosts: 3,386Member
    I want to play EVE soooo bad. But, you can't turn off lighting effects and my Chip doesn't support lighting effects. :( Alot of players from a game I've been playing for years, moved there.

    Imperial Dreams - Lead by: Aralis <-best alliance/corp/guild/etc. leader in pvp based game history!
    A Work in Progress.
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  • TauTutTauTut Bournemouth, FLPosts: 1Member

    Well - this game keeps getting bigger and better. Just cant seem to stop playing it!

    True about Aralis BTW - well respected member of the community.

  • SnaKeySnaKey Arkadelphia, ARPosts: 3,386Member

    Originally posted by TauTut
    True about Aralis BTW - well respected member of the community.

    I bet he is. Everyone from Imperial Dreams comes from a Text Browser game called TDZK, Aralis was the leader... till he got dicked by the admins and he quit. (they gave a warring alliance our planet because they said we cheated and nobody cheated..... even if we did, they shouldn't have given it to them, they gave it back though when the realized their mistake)

    Points in the game to capture, that really server no purpose but flaunting your power in everyone else's face, are planets. There were 65 planets in the game, Aralis commanded the Imperial Dreams and Imperial Guards to take almost every single one in the entire game (there are over 6000 players mind you). We owned something like 45 of them and our only Allies owned 19 of them, that leaves 1 planet wich was owned by our warring Alliance (clans/corps/guilds/etc. are called alliances) that was the biggest planet to ever cross the game. Nobody has every achieved that in the almost 2yrs since Aralis left, nor come close, as well as nobody had ever achieved that before Aralis. I say Aralis did it, because he did it, he commanded the respect of the most fearful pilots in the game....

    I don't expect anything less from him in EVE. As I said, everyone from Imperial Dreams in EVE plays TDZK (or did).
    A Work in Progress.
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  • ValorusValorus Altamonte Springs, FLPosts: 235Member


    This is a public service announcement regarding Eve Online. Please read so you don't make the same mistake as I did.

    If you download the demo and decided to keep playing after the free trial DO NOT go out and buy a boxed copy. You wil be unable to register using the boxed copy and will not be able to keep using your free trial character.

    I have contacted thier customer service (Very poor service if I might add) and was told flat out that the boxed version I went out and bought could not be used. I would have to purchase ANOTHER copy online to be able to keep using my trial character. No refunds, no credit.

    Be sure to only order online or you will be robbed like I was. You have been warned.


  • DalmontDalmont CardiffPosts: 272Member

    A Store bought copy and an online bought copy would _obviously_ be different CD key's accounts.

    Also the store bought copy was made before CCP owned their own distribution rights again so they could in no way refund the store Bought copy as they didn't get the money!!!1

    So think before you act.


  • ValorusValorus Altamonte Springs, FLPosts: 235Member

    flame is now off, but he deserved it image

  • MaximaneMaximane New Westminster, BCPosts: 625Member

    Flame off gentlemen. ::::39::

    Alex "Maximane" De Line
    - MMORPG.COM Staff -

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