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Does this game actually exist anymore?

Fish_WafflesFish_Waffles La Junta, COMember Posts: 5
I picked up two copies of this game (one for me, one for a friend) out a bargin bin at my local GameStop for $5.00 each. The funny thing is when I start up the game, the link to the registration page for the game is completely broken. More importantly, when I try to connect to the server - I get an error message claiming that it can't find the server.

So the question is, is Endless Ages even online anymore? I think that I might want my hard earned $10.00 back...


  • [sYn][sYn] BradfordMember Posts: 61
    Google =

    Honestly not so sure, looks like its still around though..
  • tconamatconama Blaine, MNMember Posts: 1
  • GueberGueber Phoenix, AZMember Posts: 37 Uncommon
    They changed it so the game loads in your browser and the website moved to Not to mention the client on those CD's is older then hell that's why those old retail boxs don't work anymore.  Also they opened up the full area of the game and now it's completely free to play (so you basically wasted  your money) for the remainder of the time that it's going to up. It'll be closed down forever when the Sequal (Phylon) is released, maybe sooner but I think they will wait until then.
  • AntiocheAntioche Grand Rapids, MIMember Posts: 132 Uncommon
    Phylon is in beta. You can get into it if you're a fileplanet subscriber. It's an fps mmo.

    It is pathos we lack, and this lack of pathos makes the worlds we explore quite stale.

  • saw009saw009 bartisville, OKMember Posts: 2

    why cant we play the games

  • bLeGh2jOobLeGh2jOo New York, NYMember Posts: 4

    Because they're dead.


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