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List of -NON- Point and Click AND Point and Click moving MMO's!

mrversemrverse la puente, CAPosts: 119Member
Point and click moving MMO's in my opinion is the worst idea... turns a game into a point and click fest and create problems (like trying to attack a damn rat but accidently clicking on the Trex) plus in my opinion it kills pvp by turning it into a click to run away/charge into battle by clicking furiously on the screen anywhere you can..  I personally have not found any MMO thats based on clicking to move, any good whatsoever.. and am i the only one who noticed mostly every Point and Click MMO has a player made vendor system? If a dev team is planning to allow players to setup stalls then why allow them on every major city spawn point? So many times im sure many of us entered an area in the game only to be bombarded with lag and signs of "buy my lvl 32 horsee PLZ! 3435 gold" or somethin along that line... seems to be a connection with point n clicking... well from what i noticed every game i enjoy had the AWSD move system like in FPS which to me rocked and im sure alot of people are comfortable with.. 

well i decided to make this post so that maybe we can all share the games we played that werent point and click moving, and ofcourse a list of games that are so that people will be warned before downloading a trial and waiting forever to update it with patches to find out it sucks... or for those who like the point and click moving system.. enjoy


-NON Point and Click-

Auto Assault

City of Heroes

City of Villains

World of Warcraft

Planet Side

Anarchy Online

Dark Age of Camelot


Starwars Galaxy

World War II Online

D&D Online


Guild Wars

Final Fantasy XI


Everquest 2

Space Cowboy ( in flight )

Phantasy Star Universe


-Point and Click-

Voyage Century (player vendors at every major city spawn point)

Last Chaos (player vendors at every major city spawn point)

RF Online

Eve Online

9 Dragons (player vendors at every major city spawn point)

Rappelz (not sure forgot)

Myth War (player vendors at every major city spawn point)

Lineage 2

Space Cowboy ( not in flight )

City of Heroes (when option is enabled)

Please Feel free to add to the list! wether a free game or paying its always good to know, and also please correct me or anyone else who may have put them in the wrong category.. hopefully this helps other players! Take care


  • SippyCupXIIISippyCupXIII Newark, OHPosts: 15Member

    some other games are the following:


    point and click:

    lineage 2


    wasd movement:

    dungeon and dragons online, ryl, guild wars, final fantasy XI, everquest, and everquest 2


    that is all that i know of and played. i like both, they both have their advantages and disadvantages, but i think they are both good and both should be offered in every mmo.

  • mrversemrverse la puente, CAPosts: 119Member
    yea would be awsome if a game offered you a choice to chose between the two.. havent played one that does though sadly..
  • njdevi66njdevi66 dumont, NJPosts: 220Member Uncommon
    EVE is point and click, and thats about the only game ill play that is point and click.


  • SionedSioned KarlsruhePosts: 133Member Uncommon
    no idea about the current SWG but the old SWG offered you a large choice of ui command walking qith mouse walking with mouse on key hit using keys in both modes also. Its just wrong to force ANY control style. Let the player decide how they want to interact with the game. Sadly most developers havent realised this yet.
  • FaurFaur StavangerPosts: 330Member
    Phantasy Star Universe is wasd and has first person ranged combat, and is designed for being played with a gamepad so it's very comfortable if you happen to have one of those.

    The combat is pretty fun. When you swing a sword, you will hit anything that's standing inside it's arc.

    Youtube showing off a few of the melee special moves. The mobs usually don't die this easily, he's just doing a lowbie mission to demonstrate the combos. There is a "regular attack" and 2 (+1 that will get released eventually) special moves for each melee weapon.

  • mrversemrverse la puente, CAPosts: 119Member
    awsome.. been wanting to try it out if i can ever find a game pad or whatever their called..  wish their was a free trial kuz i read alot of people saying its not an mmo since its mostly played single player eh i dono, will add it to the list though
  • FaurFaur StavangerPosts: 330Member
    Problem is, when I say "the combat is fun", that's about the only thing they got right. People argue if it's an mmo or not for the exact same reasons as Guild Wars; All missions are instanced, and the only place you'll meet more than a full team of players is in the waiting lobbies.
  • r1m1k1r1m1k1 Fairfield, CTPosts: 129Member
    I'm a fan of the w,a,s,d movement
  • AeronisAeronis Long Beach, CAPosts: 231Member
    City of Heroes is not point of click, but it has an option to become point and click in settings.

    I suspect that change was made when they released in Asia.
  • mrversemrverse la puente, CAPosts: 119Member
    you just saved me $30 hehe im not a fan of an instanced based game eh.. fun for awhile but not for $30 in my opinion.. thanks
  • mrversemrverse la puente, CAPosts: 119Member
    hmm more people seem to not like the system.. wonder when the devs will get that eh prolly never..
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