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a simple review

YyrdsYyrds Okeechobee, FLPosts: 1Member
for those looking for a new game i dediced to help with a simple review.

this game is easy to critize becuase ,it is very simple. graphics are simple. some might say out of date.   this will always be a complaint. infact this is what makes this game fun.

it is very fun game with no polish or super graphics. you drive your ship aruond and attack other ships.   trade between ports(still need to defend from others)  take or buy larger ships.  long time players can take over city and govern them. it player vrs player (team based)at all time. so watch out.

very easy to learn. controls are very simple.   fun for a couple months  then it tends to get old.


  • ReagalReagal BergenPosts: 27Member
    these guys would get so many more players if it was free

    To live and Die By Fire

  • SuperSlothSuperSloth East LondonPosts: 10Member

    I agree to the free part...i like the fact that it is easy

     not to complicated

  • LynxJSALynxJSA Sarasota, FLPosts: 3,154Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Reagal

    these guys would get so many more players if it was free

    I see that comment a lot for various games and I am not sure if it just comes from a younger crowd or if people are being sarcastic with the statement.


    ANYTHING would get more users if it was free. However, how many would still be around without revenue. The goal of any business isn't to solely get more users  - it's to get more revenue. Making the game free defeats that purpose.


  • DizzDizz Winnipeg, MBPosts: 4Member

    Keep in mind though that even though it is not a free to play game, it may as well be.

      Your first 10 hours are free and after this it is a mere $15 to play forever. No monthy fee's or additional charges.

     As of late, the WoPDev team has been working extremely hard on bug fixes and new game updates. These too are of course given, free of charge to the player base.

     This game has always reminded me of when I used to be a Subspace junkie so many years ago but with a larger dynamic. The pvp gameplay is fantastic and the player base is alot of fun!

  • IceXtremeIceXtreme Vancouver, WAPosts: 2Member

    Nothing in this world is Free...

    Game requires a server... Developers pay for Server, Update it, pay for bandwidth, etc... it costs money... making this game free would be nice, more people to play with but then cost will just add up and no one to pay for it... I think $15 one time is not that much.... I would pay $100 just to be in that community of players...  you have to understand this game is not US based.. but all around the world... so you meet so many interesting players who you can always Kill! Anyways guys you should all try it.. 

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