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Asheron's Call: Live Events Announcement

GFullsGFulls Hillsborough, NJPosts: 482Member

Asheron's Call announces live events content for January and February.

In the past, players have asked for a schedule when we run important,
story-based live-ops. We do listen, and so we are providing the schedule
of the various runs of the Portal to Bur live-op. All live-ops will run
at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time. The dates of the live-op are as follows:

January 22: Leafcull

January 23: Solclaim

January 24: Thistledown

January 25: Morningthaw

January 29: Wintersebb

January 30: Frostfell

January 31: Harvestgain

February 1: Verdantine

February 2: Darktide

Please note that Prince Borelean will want the portal site as prepared as
possible on the day of the ritual. If the site is not ready, there may be
delays so that the portal site may be prepared. As for what constitutes
preparedness, we encourage players to log into the game and find out!

Snow Lilies are now hookable on yard and floor hooks.

The message that players get about the timer on housing can be a bit
confusing. The message that players got before was: Housing cannot be
purchased by accounts less than 15 days old. This message has been changed
to: You may not purchase housing until your account has been active on
this game world for 15 days. This will hopefully clear up any confusion
regarding the purchase of housing.

Miscellaneous Changes and Improvements:

In the Finding Asheron string of quests, players are not informed they are
working towards accessing the location of Asheron. This has been changed
and the rumors players get for the quests now allude to them having more
of a purpose, as well as clarifying the level breaks on the quests.

There was an issue with one of the decoy goblets on the Following
Asheron's Trail quest where it had the same description as the actual
goblet players needed to get, This was causing confusion to some people
running the quest. This has been fixed and the description is no longer
the same.

After reading feedback from players on the forums as well as speaking to
the team, we feel the XP yield on the Caul should be returned to its
original numbers. A couple of years ago the xp was lowered because it was
too high. We had originally said this would not make it in until the
February event; however the team was able to make this adjustment for the
January event.

The Ruschk on the Dark Isle that are supposed to be listed as Undead are
now the proper creature type. Previously they were marked as regular
Ruschk instead of Undead.

Read more here.

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