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Dragon Lance MMORPG and HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy

sonicbrewsonicbrew Fredericksburg, VAMember Posts: 514 Uncommon

I would love to see a MMO based on the first chronicles of Dragon Lance. In my opinon this is some of the best fantasy read around and what an awesome story. The characters come to life in the book and the story as a whole is fantastic. I am not sure why Wizards of the coast has yet to do it or allow publishing of a game based upon it.

They still continue to churn out pen and paper games so why not jump into the MMORPG world. I know there is talk about dungeons and dragons online being done and of course we have MEO based on Tolkien lore being produced right now.

Also I would love to see a MMORPG done on The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy series of books. I am not a big sci-fi fan more fantasy genre for me but the Hitchikers Guide was one of the best reads as well and what an immersive enviroment. It would cover galaxies and planets could meet up with Ford Prefect and Beeblebrox to name a few. It could start out that Arthur Dent came back to earth yet again and before the destruction of Earth to pave way for the intergalatci freeway he saved a ton of folks ( Those folks being us players of course ) and we are swept off into a whole new world that Arthur Dent found.

Crazy ideas I know but they sound great to me for MMO's.


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  • ViridiaViridia LithgowMember Posts: 142

    I agree about the Hitch Hikers guide making a pretty good MMORPG, although it would have to be more 'the universe as imagined by douglas adams' rather than following the book in any way, otherwise it would be way too constrictive.

    I also think Terry Pratchetts Discworld books would make a great MMORPG, although both Hitch hikers and Discworld are so chaotic and creative that capturing their worlds in a game with actual rules that is supposed to make sense could be trickyimage

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