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General: Carolyn Koh at CES

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

Carolyn Koh is currently attending CES in Las Vegas. While she's down there, she will be taking a look at games like Gods & Heroes, Vanguard and EverQuest II. Today, she kicks off her coverage with her coverage of a pair of hardware media events.

It never hurts to check out the media events to see what the latest and greatest is being shown at the CES. Since it's a Consumer Electronic Show, most were geared toward, and showing their new Media Center Hardware.

Apart from Vista, Microsoft is working on a Home Server software designed for families with several computers that wish to share their media files but like their current Windows Media Center, is planned to be sold as a hardware and software "solution" i.e. you can't buy the software and install it yourself. Boooo!

Three PC makers were there, all showing off their new hardware. Velocity Micro showed their gaming rig claiming that they make the big boys across the aisle cry, then opened up their media box, their Cinemagix Grand Theater System to show me their liquid cooled innards, appeasing my inner geek.

You can read Carolyn's whole article here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • docminusdocminus J.Posts: 717Member
    Interesting to read about Dell & Alienware - although I doubt that their rigs will come into an afordable range I'll just have to continue customizing mine - not cheaper, but spread out costs

    The matrox tripple head thingy isn't really new though, I guess they are showing it off for better sales - not sure if I wouldn't rather get a 22" inch screen instead of 2 x 17" (if you want to compare pricing). Does Matrox offer a package perhaps? That would make it intersting again I guess....


  • necrotherionnecrotherion Toronto, ONPosts: 130Member
  • DemonOvrlordDemonOvrlord San Antonio, TXPosts: 69Member
    Very nice triple monitor display - talk about decadence! :)
  • Holyavenger1Holyavenger1 CanadaPosts: 598Member Uncommon
    While its always nice to read reports from CES -- especially from a gamer's perspective -- and while I do have a lot of respect for this writer's work at, I find myself more than a bit disappointed by this report. It is very shallow, with almost no details at all and I wasn't able to learn anything new or exciting, nor to get a real description of what is cooking in with those manufacturers.

    Hopefully the next report will be more in depth...
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  • xtomekxxtomekx WroclawPosts: 8Member
    Ask Carolyn to visit FunCom's Age of Conan stance and ask her to give us her impression on how DX10 looks and feels, some spycamera vids / pics would be apprciated aswell  ^^


  • CarolynKohCarolynKoh Staff Writer Redmond, WAPosts: 202Member

    Unfortunately, at an event where the focus is on Consumer Electronics, it was tough just finding a "talking head" to talk to me about hardware of interest to gamers!

    "This is our new Media Center PC with built in TV tuner..."  So tell me about the gamer rig. 

    "These are our hard drive / server / rack mount / USB drives / etc."  Don't you make high-performance RAM too? 

    "Our wireless headphones are great for the salesman that needs to leave his desk and go out into the warehouse to check on stock."  Got anything geared toward gamers?

    Also, yes - both Turbine and Funcom were at the Games for Windows booth.  But one article at a time.  I'm working the show too.


    P.S.  Tell Stradden that should be covering more gaming hardware.  ;)


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