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Atriarch: Expanding Cities and Terrain for 2007

GFullsGFulls Hillsborough, NJPosts: 482Member

Atriarch opens new cities and land development.

Atriana Globalization: world building & Atriarch cities... The Tyrusin Region of Pallidrost has been our default "test & demo" location. It is home of the Arena of Foreign Apprenticeship and is the preferred ecosystem of the Dubo Plant. The Dubo is an ice plant harvested to build the Dubosek architecture seen in the area, for example, the player-built Tyrusin Guard Tower seen in many screenshots. Pallidrost is a good area for use during our internal testing and demo-ing because it is small enough to be contained (a few kilometers), yet large enough try new features within an Atriana landscape. While it will remain our main test area, we are expanding the world to include Drasius (Eshlar Port City), Orescent (Lokai Desert City & Capitol), and the Cavolon Foreign Embassy in the Swamps.

In the past, each of these cities were a demo/test area in and of themselves. It made everything simpler for us that way. Now, we are moving these regions all to the same globe (Atriana) rather than their own individual test globes. This is a significant move considering the world is a true curved globe with six degrees of seemless terrain and movement.

This is an exciting progress contributing toward the globalization of aliens.

Read more here.


  • avienthasavienthas FreiburgPosts: 94Member
    Atriarch is giving lifesigns

    First time I heard about it there was only UO and EQ on the market. Still, I can remember checking their website some time ago, the ideas are still revolutianary. If you guys EVER make it to the shelves , I promise you got my money.

    Seems I´ll have to wait for some indy to make a game for me, because all the majors are doing games I don´t like. After making sure Vanguard is going to be a sleep-pill (for my taste), AoC is a way off , WAR i care nothing about.....well, it´s either an indy game or a DOS emulator and old RPGs....

    ....go Atriarch go


  • MesopoliesMesopolies Hillsboro, ORPosts: 51Member

    This game has been in development so long I  hope it will make it to the market.

    I like the out of the box concepts it brings to the table.

  • Lunar_KnightLunar_Knight Portland, ORPosts: 292Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but in this game humans don't exsist, right?

    ...which I think is freaking awesome! It's about time for some out of the box Fantasy/Sci Fi!


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    ...and history repeats...

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  • tigris67tigris67 New York, NYPosts: 1,783Member Uncommon
    wow...and I thought this game died years ago...

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  • nakumanakuma New York City, NYPosts: 1,310Member Uncommon
    this game is highly innovative.lot of the features, i find highly interesting. Would be a much needed shot in the arm for MMORGS. should be interestiung to see what they show in the future as they progress. definitely thumbs up for the developers thinking out side the box. we need more developers like them. major kudos to them.

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  • kishekishe aitooPosts: 2,002Member Uncommon
    this mmorpg is like a zombie, it just refuses to die!

    the devs has desided they'll make it work and they refuse to make any compromises...thats why i expect early 2020 release
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