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Asheron's Call: December Event

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

Asheron's Call has announced that their December event is now up and live, and have provided the notes for it.

The December 2006 event, Cold Tracks, is live. Here is a small list of

A few more quest dungeons have been revised this month. Once again make
sure to check out some of your old favorites to see if they have seen some

Mr.P has decided to make the location of his home known to the players.
Perhaps if we are nice enough to him, he may reward us with a new friend.

Make sure that you know the location of Frost Haven, there may be a need
to travel there in the days ahead.

Players wishing to continue to gather more information about the Tanada
Clan will have an opportunity to get more answers this month.

Miscellaneous Changes and Improvements:

Based on player feedback Rare Infinite Arrowheads will now work on bundles
of the appropriate shafts.

Rare gems are now stackable up to 100

The snow has begun to fall in Dereth, and winter is now upon us.

The Scarecrows have gone back into hiding for the season. Snowmen should
now be appearing on the landscape in their place.

Several small typos were fixed on various quests.

On the Messenger's Collar quest, the respawn timer on the Falatacot Tome
has been increased.

For more information visit

Read more here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor

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