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To all!

AvisonAvison Orlando, FLPosts: 350Member

Im a fan of grinding mmo's and just about every other game. But this game is for all those who enjoy talking to others and interacting towards a mutual goal. The concept may not attract you from the start but give it a try, it may just pull you in.

Shorah all.



  • EllChanEllChan Fredericksbutg, VAPosts: 24Member
    I'll be there :D
  • Rreka'alRreka'al Bloomington, ILPosts: 450Member
    I agree. The Myst series is one of the few games that actually challenges the player's mind. And bringi it online just makes it better (and easier to get help if you get stuck). I love it.


  • URU has been my entire being during the Christmas break.  It has come to the point where I can't think of not getting up in the morning, grabbing breakfast, and logging on to my Relo (now with islands ).

    I used to like Runescape, but I never really liked the fighting part; I liked leveling up my economic skills and trying to streamline how I work so I could get GP.

    But in this game, I hang around in Ae'Gura and I'll see someone I've talked or debated with at length on the UL forums or UruObsession (more often the latter.  I'm a proud UO hoodie)

    With the way GameTap and CYAN are setting up a way to play for free, people will be able to try with no risks.

    Also, something I noticed about Runescape was the lack of real storyline.  The MYST saga is famed for its story.  Alone or Together, Destruction is Coming... ;)
  • TaniquetilTaniquetil LondonPosts: 214Member

    I love this game , it is a truly unique experience that should be tried at least once.

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