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Read before posting issues [updated 2007-05-02]

skywisenightskywisenight Halifax, NSPosts: 348Administrator Uncommon

Hi Everyone,

This thread is a quick overview of issues we are aware of, have already been reported.  I update this every few months depending on how many suggestions we get.

Disclaimer: Any item on this list has only been acknowledged as recived, but not necessary going to be fixed and/or developed as a new feature on this site.

Additional Note: This forum is intended for suggestions regarding the site, not to offer suggestions in picking a game.  Your best bet to get a game suggestion would be to post in General Discussion > The Pub, more people will read it there!

Known Issues:

  • The game logos don't exactly match the style of the site and often have some chunky transparency, and I'm still slowly converting them all over, at least one a day.
  • First page load of session outputs some gibberish in Safari [update] - We serve pages compressed and the issue lies there.
  • Polls should carry over a post preview
  • IE6 is rendering some of the forum strangely [update] - First on the list when things get back to normal
  • Scaling text on site not so good.
  • Single quotes are being JS escaped in profile quotes.

Known Suggestions:

  • Different icon for threads that have been replied to previously
  • Message system trash can addition
  • Show online usernames somewhere, or at the very least add an online indication in a users posts
  • When replying to a post, show more than one previous entry
  • How many, and ever who, are viewing a given thread
  • Add IRC server info to homepage
  • Make search work better, this includes genre,feature text,users,blogs,and pretty well every little facet of the site.  Think advanced search.
  • Allow for quote or multi-quote in post editor
  • Have a "users also liked X game" for game Y
  • Email notification on replies or quotes of an earlier post by said self.
  • Add more options for personal information in profiles, like machine specs, current games
  • Independant Developers List - use at own risk!
  • Option for subscribe/watch threads not to email out, or maybe email out only once a day
  • Forum dropdown at bottom of page
  • Make cool user selectable left side menu for forum where you can pick your own games and whatnot.

Style Suggestions:

  • Fluid layout theme
  • Black on white based
  • Less lines
  • More and new emotes


  • Rikimaru_XRikimaru_X Myrtle Beach, SCPosts: 11,718Member Uncommon
    So about the posted suggestions. Is that is a list of what is being suggested or what could possibly be a future add? I mean it was kinda put up before the site change was introduced (Could I be wrong?), so I was just wondering.

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  • skywisenightskywisenight Halifax, NSPosts: 348Administrator Uncommon
    The suggestion list was from internal suggestions we are willing to share at the moment and the good ones from the Site Suggestions forum prior to site change.  I will be keeping this list as upto date as possible as time goes.

  • Dragon989Dragon989 Salisaw, OKPosts: 27Member Common

    When you say "When Replying to a post, show more than one previous entry"are u saying that it will show all of the post you replyed to and all the threads?

    If not here is a idea of mine for the the web sight ... make some sord of list that will tell all of the post/threads you replyed to or made and it will tell you if you have a new post on the thread/post .

    Dose that sound good??

    or make any scense??

  • IceAgeIceAge SomeWhere In ..Posts: 1,122Member Uncommon
    Bots does days....

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  • BTrayaLBTrayaL BucharestPosts: 617Member Uncommon

    edit: moved to sugestion thread

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