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Horizons: Pixel Magic Aquires EI

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

EI Interactive, who recently purchased Horizons from Tulga Games and was embroiled in a a host of controversy afterwards, has been bought out by Pixel Magic Entertainment. There was no immediate comment on what - if anything - this deal means, although it should be noted that the Pixel Magic website lists Ed Andercheck, the owner of EI Interactive, as a Director. has contacted the new company for comment and will bring you more on this story in the coming days.

Pixel Magic Entertainment Acquires EI Interactive
11/28/06- Carson City, NV- Pixel Magic Entertainment Corporation announced today their acquisition of Enhanced Interactive Communications Corporation. Enhanced Interactive Communications Corporation is the parent company of online game publisher EI Interactive.

E I Interactive publishes online interactive content products. This includes casual games through an online game portal, gaming review and information sites, and massively multi-player online games (MMOs). EI owns and operates a portal access site for MMOs, which is one of the fastest growing markets in the interactive entertainment industry.

Pixel Magic Entertainment Corporation through its affiliate companies builds and evolves online products for niche communities. Their efforts endeavor to incubate technology that better supports community construction in the online world. Their culture is built around a team-based commitment to discovery and innovation in technology driven online communities. Interactive entertainment is amongst the fastest growing consumer markets today; the online component of interactive entertainment is its fastest expanding subset.

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  • KlausWKlausW Denver, COPosts: 165Member

    If it means new investment and development for Horizons, well and good. However, the Pixel Magic web page doesn't talk about MMO development, it talks about building online communities (read: forums and community web sites) for MMOs.

    Considering how badly EI has treated the Horizons community, the ongoing deletions of threads started by people improperly billed by EI, the state of the Savage Eden forums, the abandonment of the Horizons shard heralds (all of whom had their herald accounts on the community forum deleted), and the vigorous suppression of any criticism of EI itself, the idea that these people are promoting themselves as experts in building online communities is nothing short of laughable.

    Guildleader, Mithril Council, Chaos

  • Major_SkillzMajor_Skillz Norcross, GAPosts: 84Member

    Agreed. 100%



  • SramotaSramota YstadPosts: 756Member

    Well... It just can't get worse now so,
    hopefully, Pixel Magic, as the dedicated company they are,
    will shape EI up a bit

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    It all sucked.

  • KimoKimo Kaneohe, HIPosts: 53Member Uncommon
    You have GOT to be kidding?!?! image
  • ZorvanZorvan nowhere, CAPosts: 8,912Member Common

    Judging from the nature of their primary expertise, I am very doubtful Pixel Magic bought EII out of concern or interest for Horizons. Anyone who sees this as a possible salvation for the game is more than likely going to be sadly disappointed.

  • Dark_Mage54Dark_Mage54 Moorpark, CAPosts: 44Member
    LOL @ "Pixel Magic website lists Ed Andercheck, the owner of EI Interactive, as a Director."

    Lets direct this ship to that black-ish hole-ish thing over there to get away from the angry people!

    To Kill or Be Killed?

  • JorevJorev Fenwick Island, DEPosts: 1,500Member

    Shuffleboard anyone?

    Nothing changes except the name of the company.

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  • Holyavenger1Holyavenger1 CanadaPosts: 598Member Uncommon
    Wow, now we get installement #14523 of the Horizons saga. Never played the game, but this is like an ongoing mini-soap on the MMO-planet ;)

    I do agree with those who said this deal shouldn't be necessariy taken as good news for Horizons in itself, but I guess at this point it can't really get worse... or could it ?

    In any case, I feel sorry for the people that got into this whole mess with this game and got their community smashed.image

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  • AckbarAckbar Winnipeg, MBPosts: 927Member Uncommon
    This company's on the fast-track to the it list; blastfax kudos all around.

    Imma go back to the office and shift a few paradigms; think outside the box.

    ----ITS A TRAP!!!----

  • TiiKiiTiiKii Durango, COPosts: 162Member Uncommon

    Good Lord Almighty!
    Now.. what? image
    What does Pixel Magic want with this game? These companies need to either let this poor game 'RIP'.. OR- Rezz it to a state where it can be great , once more!!


  • EstrusEstrus Portland, ORPosts: 357Member

    This awful game has changed hands more often than my underwear!
    Why are the same people always in charge though??  image

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