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Myst games and Cyan rarely dissappoint

NagelFireNagelFire Vienna, VAPosts: 409Member

Ive played all of the Myst games, I can say, It doesnt involve killing and such, But it has a good plot, and the gfx have always been stunning.

Much better then any MMO out at this time.



  • AvisonAvison Orlando, FLPosts: 350Member
    I agree, accept for EQ2 with max settings has slightly better graphics.

  • christwariorchristwarior Fredericksburg, VAPosts: 126Member

    i have to say that the myst series is insane awsome! it is living proof that you dont need a ton of violence to make a game worth playing! the plots (like said before) are very well done! a myst MMO is definately gonna make myst better than it already is!!!

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