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eltomatosseltomatoss SiauliaiPosts: 16Member
this game is good grafic cool pets,cool armors and classes and lvl up is not so hard


  • cutmaxcutmax SagresPosts: 11Member

    yes correct and easy to play, and level up too..

    For me only problem of this game is GM dont are so many active and only care sale epoint.

    When they should look to other games and see they must fix alot stuff and work more blance of game is broken, is we players especial Blue kingdom that lose power, we are organizing to merge blues capes to make us strong to fight red kingdom, if you in game you will see we have 8 serv. each serv have 4 towns where you can open shop.

    problem is we blue cant even bid those towns to fight and conquer those towns so we cangenereted ou gold, red control and use ghost guilds to rebid high gold so we cant have gold to bid high.. so we are stick in empty serv.. and GM dont do nothing to make players como others serv. like old days so all guilds have change to make gold..

    thats way we do the work passing all blue top to one single guild and take serv. 1 red towns in force..

    :) fun.. it will a big fight

    Game at momnet: SD levl 305

  • judgebeojudgebeo BCNPosts: 419Member

    another hardcore korean free mmorpg... All this games remember me, a lot, MUOnline with upgraded graphics.

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