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General: Column: Organize Before They Rise!

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Dave Bonnewell returns to the world of zombies as he looks at two Zombie MMORPGs and what he wants to see from them and future brain sucking games.

image With all that is available in the world on the theme of zombies, there remains at least one facet of our multimedia-verse (to coin a term) in which the appearance of our walking corpse friends has been largely deadened. The MMOG. Still, I did come across a simple, yet addictive zombie survival horror MMO which is absolutely free to play and which tens of thousands of people are currently inhabiting (I myself have recently been counted among them), yet so many more have never heard of. There is another such game in development which looks intriguing, and though not free, does make full use of 3D rendered graphics. If you are an avid MMO gamer who happens to also possess either a secret or unabashed fetish (no, not that kind of fetish) about those brain biting baddies, then you will agree that the two pop culture icons go together like chocolate and peanut butter, like Cheetos and Red Bull, and yes, even like those crazy Kazakhs Borat and Azamat. So, stick 'round guys and ghouls and learn a little more about a couple of MZOGs (Massively Zombified Online Games).

The full article is here.

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  • MrbloodworthMrbloodworth Newport News, VAPosts: 5,615Member
    I love zombies.

    "Anyone posting on this forum is not an average user, and there for any opinions about the game are going to be overly critical compared to an average users opinions." - Me

    "No, your wrong.." - Random user #123

    "Hello person posting on a site specifically for MMO's in a thread on a sub forum specifically for a particular game talking about meta features and making comparisons to other titles in the genre, and their meta features.

    How are you?" -Me

  • GeridenGeriden DublinPosts: 391Member

    now this zombie game i have to have !!!

    i want it i want it i want everything out now is the same thing diffrent skins

    this sounds new and fresh on my flesh eating eyes , you know being a cannable i relate to zombies. image

  • DullardDullard Wichita, KSPosts: 26Member

    <cough>  I mean, this seems quite exquisite.

    I <3 Zombies

  • avienthasavienthas FreiburgPosts: 94Member
    Braaains...braaains....brains to ease the pain.

    Nice one image

    Atlast someone realized you need no popular IP or something with elves to make a game.


  • lorechaserlorechaser Austin, TXPosts: 124Member
    I've played Urban Dead off and on for nearly a year, and I love it.  Kevan introduces new stuff every month or two, and there's a lot of community around the game.

    My best moments were some of the mall rushes - 20-40 people holed up in a mall.  A horde of 100 or so zombies outside, trying to break down the barricades.  The humans are alternatively rebuilding barricades and shooting those zombies that made it inside.

    Even considering that it happened over the course of a couple days, 50 ap at a time, it was pretty fun.

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