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URU in europe?

greets all
dont recall correctly but beta was only for US and Canadians right?
and is URU going to be released for us in europe also?


  • WhitewalkerWhitewalker PatrasPosts: 86Member
    It was also for Europe. Well at least I remember being in it and I'm from yeh I suppose so. image

  • AmieMarieAmieMarie Las Vegas, NVPosts: 3Member

    Those in the U.S. and Canada are the only ones with access to GameTap right now (but it's supposed to be coming to Europe early next year.)

    That being said. . .

    The beta includes people from all over the world -- it isn't being hosted on GameTap's servers. And while not everyone will have access to GameTap right away when the game launches in December, there will be non-GameTap access to Myst Online: Uru Live for everyone living outside the areas where GameTap is available. It will cost the same as a GameTap subscription, $9.95 (US) per month. The sign-up details haven't been announced yet.

  • kelmkelm hydePosts: 11Member

    There will be Access to everybody from the 20th December 2006


    for more information

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