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LastChaos: Dolarmarker Lucky Draw

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

An envet from the world of LastChaos is currently going on. You can learn more about this game and its frequent events on their official website. Here are the details.

Team Cubetech would like to inform players of a Luck Draw competition that will be held by our payment partner, Dolarmaker, from the 20th October to 2nd November 2006. Last Chaos players are encouraged to get their Last Chaos Points at Dolarmaker to stand a chance to win attractive prizes, which includes 5 limited editions of the Guild Battle Pack that will be on sale on the 30th October 2006 at all payment partner sites.

Please go to to participate in this Lucky Draw!

You can learn more here.

Dana Massey
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Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios

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